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Watermelon Bomb

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Author Comments

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Help your fruit friends down from the tree by throwing exploding watermelons at them. Can you knock down $5000 worth of fruit at once? Of course you can!

Mouse Down Launch Watermelon
Mouse Up Detonate Watermelon

Knocking fruit from a tree is like shooting fish in a barrel...maybe easier. And definitely more humane.

Tips & Tricks

Buy More Fruit - The key to knocking down $5000 worth of fruit is having lots of fruit to knock down. In between levels, always buy more fruit! And having more watermelons to throw never hurt, either.

Go Big or Go Home - Don't forget to periodically increase the explosion size of your watermelons, too.

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Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.

ok game

pretty good game. short. you should be able to play after you get 5000 though

Dead Like Me?

... This song is from the opening of Dead Like Me. WTF? The game is fine, I suppose. But I'm disappointed that it is used with Dead Like Me's intro.

Cute for a short break

<copy-paste RPLTKO's opinion>

Enjoyably simple gameplay

Sometimes games that are simple are the best kind & I found this one when I needed a brain break. Fun game, a little too short for my liking. Not enough re-playability or this rating would be higher.

Nitsudr Let me know if you are accepting Voice Acting Demos for your future projects! I'd love to help!