Winds of Change

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This is a small game concept that I tried to make better but ended up abandoning. There are a few levels here that illustrate what I had in mind and may come back to complete.
Arrows to move and jump.
Collect the little gooey bonuses.
Reach the orange portal at the end of the level.
The faster you complete the level, the higher your score!

Thanks guys,



You should make a complete version of this.
The concept is good, most of all - last levels.

Front page material

When I first started this game, I was worried. Worried about the graphical style and about the fact that the main character is a stickman (usually not a good idea).
After playing it for a while, however, I now see the graphical style is not the most important part of this game, it's about brilliant puzzles.

The puzzles are so good that you get away with the stickman and with the graphical style. Platformers never get old and both the speed and difficulty are done right. Some levels require fast platform action and some require thinking.

However, the game was much too short to receive a full 10/10 rating, which is a shame because I would have loved to play more.
I would like to see a longer sequel to this, good job!

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Overdone idea but good execution.

The game is about harvesting collectables and making your way to a goal in each level. Really? :S
It's a much too cliché concept, you should add something to make your game more unique. Regardless, I still give this game a 5/10 because of the wonderful music and sfere is provides. The monochromatic graphics and soothing BG noises manage to provide that feeling of feeling immersed in the game.
What you need to do with this unfinished piece is to continue it and add something unique to it. You had something going there with the disappearing blocks, perhaps make all levels like that? :) Also, the character's movement seem a bit too rigid, work on making the animation smoother.
Keep working on this and it could achieve so much more :D

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3.16 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2011
3:34 PM EST
Puzzles - Other