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Author Comments

Wrap your mind around the next intensive puzzle game - Interlocked!
A 3D puzzle game with a chilling atmosphere.

You know those puzzles consisting of a few wooden blocks that are impossible take apart? Then you know Interlocked. Each level, you're given a unique 3D puzzle consisting of blocks that hold each other together. Take it apart and you'll feel ten times as smart :-)

http://interlocked.wecrea testuff.com

When using the Glance Tool (an eye icon is displayed at the bottom left circle) you can rotate the puzzle with the mouse while holding the left mouse button.

When using the Pull Tool (a hand icon) click on a piece to pop up the axis selection gizmo and pull in the desired direction.

To switch tools press the spacebar or click the tool icon. You can hold the spacebar to use the other tool.


an amazing game

Very well made, thought-provoking, fun! No glitches.

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Puzzling buzzling

Game is fairly good, I do like tangible puzzles because you can more easily rotate and zoom and "feel" in reality.

these can be added:

- Semi or full Transparency while choosing a block or zooming ability,
- X Y Z Snaps or snap rotation
- A Front, top, bottom, left, right orthographic view may help people to use mouse more precisely.
- Invert colors option to play at night, or a just edge neon like glowing parts
- Left / right button choice instead of space bar

Keep up the goodwork!

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Fun and challenging

I it me, or are these MUCH easier than real 3d block puzzles?

not bad

fun and challanging. only problem is that if this were a real game id be burning #9 with a blowtorch

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One of the best puzzle games I've ever played.

It certainly helps that I love these types of games, but it stands on it's own as a great game without my bias.

Everything in this game is fantastic. It's visually wonderful. The music is the right mixture of relaxing and mystery. The puzzles were fascinating. I played this game with a child-like wonder that starved in curiosity at what the next puzzle would be like.

Every shape was something I could explore. Every move I could make was as a great mystery finally uncovered. Just wrapping my brain around how all the shapes were structured and fit together was fun enough for me. But then to have this as a game and try to unravel each design was a treat within itself. The only thing that could have made it better would be perhaps a mode of the reversal where you'd have to put the puzzles back together.

The only problem I had, with minimal frustration, was moving puzzle pieces without bumping into other shapes. Sometimes it was a bit too easy to try to move a piece and hard to find out why I could not. Then again, I turned that into a bit of exploration as well.

You've made a great game of thinking sir. This is possibly the best puzzle game I've ever played on the internet. And I've played thousands. I'd love to see more and would be willing to throw money at you to do it. Sadly, I'm poor and have no money, but hey you never know.


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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2011
9:41 AM EST
Puzzles - Other
  • Frontpaged February 23, 2011
  • Weekly Users' Choice March 2, 2011
  • Daily Feature February 24, 2011