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Please vote fairly. I worked hard with masking, and tried my best drawing with the pencil tool. I do say to please vote fairly because all my animations are getting less scores and near blamming! I don't want to be blammed again please! I'm only between 10 and 12! I also want to thank MovieSoundClips for the sound clips from movies. I also want to thank movies (in order) Jurrasic Park 3, Mean Girls, The Expendables, U-571, and Meet Joe Black. If something is wrong, I used more than 5 scenes for this flash. This is done with Flash Player 10, ActionScript 3. Shorts in order:

Four Seasons
Attitude Makeover until Four
Four and a Half Men
Four Best Fish
Lucky Day (after the credits)

Next time I will include maybe (your choice):
More Showing People's Faces
More Colored Outlines
Better Sound


When you PMed me a link to this, you said it was ridiculous and horrible. You were right. I realize this was made a year ago, and you don't make some of these mistakes anymore, but I'll still point them out since you requested for me to review this.

The author comments were unprofessional, and quite embarrassing to read, actually. You beg the viewers to vote fairly because all of your animations were, at the time, getting low scores. Did you ever stop to think that the reason they were getting low scores were because people were voting fairly?

Begging your viewers not to blam you is like begging them TO blam you. When I see a flash in the portal that tells me not to blam it, I vote 0 on it instantly, and I know I am not the only person who does this.

Telling the viewers you are only 10-12 is pretty dumb and desperate, since Flash really isn't hard. Anybody can do it, it's really easy. If you say your age, you're just going to get a bunch of idiots mindlessly praising you and going, "omg u r so talented for ur age!" And if you actually want to improve, then you practically dug a hole for yourself, because you'll rarely get any helpful reviews. Just people mindlessly praising you.

And there are also going to be people like me, who'd write constructive reviews regardless of how old you are. But then again, one year ago, you did not accept reviews. When somebody, like on your "Glaze" submission, wrote a review, you thought he was trying to "stop you from making flash movies" even though he said nothing remotely CLOSE to that.

I have to admit though, it was kind of amusing, reading you calling reviews a "big stupid" (lmao) because they gave you something other than a 5. And if you were never a fan of mine, I'm positive you were going to do the same to me.

Luckily, you outgrew this phase and now I can get to reviewing the actual collaboration. First, it's not a collaboration when you are the only one working on it. It's a collection. A collaboration is when you work with someone other than yourself to produce something.

The finger animation in the beginning was atrocious. Line tool already killed it, but the shape tween made it even worse. Shape tweens look awful. They make it look like the author is lazy, and they look mechanic. Shape tweens killed my puppy.

When the camera is rotating, and the man is also being stretched, he's not supposed to stretch. His head is supposed to be the same, except that at first we could see his face, and now we can't. It's basic animation law. Arcs, use them.

The person was really ugly. The lack of an actual eye, and rather, a dot and the generic style of it all definitely contributed to this. Look at cartoons all around you. They have a unique style, not your generic "make a circle, draw dots on it" stuff you would expect from a kindergartener.

The collab theme was awful, too. The number four? Seriously? The theme practically limited any opportunities for humor, creativity, etc.

What am I talking about? Creativity? The audio clips are from movies, why am I talking about creativity?!

It was too short, also. The least you could do is sustain the length. And if you KNOW what you are supposed to improve and practically wrote up an entire list of stuff you should improve, why didn't you improve?

It's like saying "I know exactly what I should fix, but I am not going to fix so HA."

Back to the excuses/attitude thing I was talking about earlier. You haven't changed much. You want voice actors? I see your posts on the Voice Acting Forum, and that "STOP IGNORING ME!!!!!!!" thread you made.

These are talented people who are voice acting for your flashes for free. The simplistic art style already drove them away. Do you really think getting mad at them and throwing an e-tantrum would help? It's not going to make them go, "I should voice act for this guy."

Not even close. It will make them say, "This guy sounds like a baby. I am not wasting my time with him."

And why do I need to say this 34567789 times? Can't you listen to it 1 time and be done with it? I don't get it.

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Feb 22, 2011
10:06 PM EST