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Este vídeo mostra meu trabalho escolar, falando um pouco da cultura japonesa que eu admiro tanto. Assista ao vídeo, aprenda um pouco sobre a cultura e comente o que pensa sobre este vídeo.

Abraço, até a próxima.


This video shows my school work by saying a little of Japanese culture that I admire so much. Watch the video, learn a little about the culture and comment what you think about this video.

Hugs, see you guys.


Pretty good for something simple

From the title I was expecting a comparison of ancient and modern Japanese culture, so I was confused for a while, but I got over it.

The video didn't give much actual info, so I'm guessing there was a report or something to go with it. But it did give some terms and titles to look up if I wanted to, plus a vague idea of what they were about. I learned a few things. I didn't know there was a gothic lolita style, for example, and I knew next to nothing about Bleach. Now I know it involves magical sword fighting.

But I did wonder how you picked what to include in each category. The religions made sense, but surely those aren't the most important fashions in Japan.

My favorite part was the sword slicing out the characters at the beginning.

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Stouker responds:

Yes we had a text to supplement, I put in that video, what was missing in the text, so it do not has a lot thing in this video. But this video is not really what I do, I'll post my "sticks" further ahead but for now I'm out of time to create. So wait.

Thanks for watching my video.

Until the next.

the video....

.....is very good for a beginner

Stouker responds:

I am not beginner in the creation videos, this video is not a third of what I do really, but thank you for your approval.

Until the next.


you showed 2 picks of sushi.

sashimi has no rice. just because its not a spring roll dont mean its sashimi.

and religion well christianity was illegal when first introduced they killd the misionarys and the few who converted way back in 1597 . the genral intolerance within chritianity didnt sit well with the ruleing class . budism flourished in japan and even mixed with shinto

there isnt much of a christian population in japan

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Stouker responds:

I did not know this issue of sashimi, only put a picture I found on the Internet through a search on it. But Christianity, I put that because in my research appeared as the third largest religion of the country, even though their low percentage, but I had to show at least three different religions. I appreciate your criticism, helped me expand my knowledge.

Until the next.

nice. but you forgot something....

hentai.... so much hentai

Stouker responds:

I do not work with pornographic stuff, and besides, he was a school job in any way I could put something like that. But thank you for your approval.

Until the next.


Well, for school I suppose that it would be alright... I don't know what grade it was for or exactly how old you are, but this, to me at least, was extremely lacking in content and extremely cliche. I feel like the fashion was very poorly displayed. Cosplay and Gothic Lolita are not really something that you see in every day life in Japan... Kimonos are one thing, but I'm pretty sure that the fashion there is very similar to that of NA.

I laughed pretty hard when you went to Anime... it's a pretty big thing in Japan, but I'm thinking that Manga is much, much, MUCH more important and popular (seeing how as it dates back thousands of years). On top of that, why did you pick the most obviously North American anime that you possibly could. Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball are all YTV, Cartoon Network butcheries of the original cartoons. Even going with some of Miazaki's work (Howls Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, etc) would have been better because he is a famous world renowned Japanese Anime Movie artist/director. Or even picked some of the other more popular non-Americanized animes would have been good.

In regards to school you should have tried looking at business, education, and other pastimes outside of Anime.

Other than that, the animation in my opinion was pretty good and I'll give you credit for that, but like I said the content was a little on the cliche North American idea/view of Japanese people as crazy cosplaying anime/manga watching/viewing people.

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Stouker responds:

Thank you for your criticism will help me improve my videos. But this video is not really what I do, I'll post my "sticks" further ahead but for now I'm out of time to create.

Until the next.

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