MvC3: Deadpool

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The world record holder in Awesome Pitches his new game and explain why I suck...


Anyway I intended to this to come out a few days ago but I had the brilliant idea to wait until the weekend to ask Tom for the loading bars and credits. But here it is.


Didn't capture Deadpool

The problem with shorts is that they can either be good or bad. Rarely are there any in betweens. Knowing Deadpools character I didn't think you captured his character well enough making it kind of funny. And, honestly I can't remember a word he said when I just watched this like a minute ago. I did like how he lowered and raised the screen though.

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A lot of people really like Deadpool because he brings humor and irreverence to a genre that can be way too self-important, self-referential, and downright confusing to people that aren't "in the know" about comics. Referring to him as a "media whore" is kind of insulting, and the bit about him shooting himself is kind of funny, but the jokes get a little lost because of the poor audio quality. I think if you're going to whip out those rapid-fire Deadpool jokes, you should probably get the audio as solid as possible so that it doesn't come out all blurry like that. I might be the only one noticing... sorry if this is out of the blue.

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no sir

this could've been done so much better, deadpool is a much better character than this.

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3.99 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2011
2:01 PM EST
Comedy - Parody