Happi Whale

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Credit for the BGM goes to Mooseymaniac. The background music is not mine and I do not claim it as mine. http://mooseymaniac.newgr ounds.com/
Thanks all of you who voted "Yay" on my animation :D I have no idea when I am releasing another one so yeah. I haven't had much time recently but hopefully this summer will be FTW.


I approve!

This deserves to be on some high end tv station... looping 24/7

It's cute! <3

I keep watching it until, the music stops!
I think as a future note you could loop the music so people don't need to refresh the page.
Otherwise: honest, simple first animation.

He didn't claim anything weird or unfounded.
As far as I care it takes balls to post your first animation :/

ChromaticToast responds:

The problem with making it loop was that I didn't make the core animation as long as the song, if you notice, everything but the whale going up and down stops after a certain point, because it told it to stop there but the music finishes playing, If I didn't tell it to stop it would play again over and with the song that was playing already making it sound terrible.


sooo fricken random but it's Amazing wow i like it loads. fuck the people that give it bad marks they're probably sad bastards that stay at home watching porn all their life

Made me laugh

I don't know why but I like it quite a lot. Taking 5 pts for the music not being yours and for its very simple style.

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what the hell

so feakin stupid

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1.73 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
2:29 PM EST