Emo Vs. Happiness

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Team Junior's entry to the "Game Jam 3". We recived 72 hours to make a game.

The theme we received from the IdeaTron was:"Theme: Paper Planes tossing deadly spikes.", so we made up this crazy game.
Our theme was (randomly assigned by IdeaTron ©)

You play as an "emo" in a spaceship with a self-created mission to destroy happiness.

Team Junior consisted of:

Programmer: TheBoob
Artist: RainbowHorse
Artist: BobyB64
Voice Actor: DeadEndWorldStudios

We had some problems in the start since AustinBreed failed in the task of giving our team a programmer. several hours later he posted the name of the programmer, but by then we had already found a new programmer via the forums.

Sorry for the entry being a little late :( (could have been up faster if we had recived a programmer directly from the start.)
(also, RainbowHorse fell asleep)

(original programmer was supposed to be lolfan88)

Enjoy! :)



sorry the game just isn't fun, it has no point and the controls are bad. But I'm giving you 1/10 because the music is ok


Really really boring!
The opening was great, but when the game play started I got bored in about 20 seconds! The game play lagged, and when I pressed the space bar, my bullets would shoot out about 5 seconds late! The music was really annoying as well!


I think this game is good, not the best. And the fact that you made it in only 72 hours is just makes it better :)

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the opening was amusing. then the horrible gameplay started. your game draws way to much for what it is, seriously it took about 5 seconds for my firing to start once i hit space. that was at lowest settings. i understand my computer is shit, but something thats this simple shouldnt be so intensive.

the music was boring and massively repetitive.
there was only 1 level, which was nothing but the same 2 enemies over and over.


I think that was the most pointless game I've ever played on NG. The controls sucked, and overall it was a pointless game.

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2.47 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
5:08 AM EST
Skill - Avoid