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Arcane Aura

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Author Comments

The boss fight is laggy, the fight will take a little bit to start after pressing the space button, let it play through the bosses motions once, then hit "R" and restart it, and it should be fine. But there's a chance it could crash your browser, so be careful.

If bullets shoot down just move left or right, it happens after jumping if you're standing still, just keep moving and it shouldn't be a problem. Also try not to cut corners on platforms, you'll end up hanging yourself or getting stuck.

This is my and twisted's very first attempt at making a videogame, I had to cut off about 10MB worth of animation and stuff, it was made with the free version of TGF2 here on NG. We've never programmed or animated before.

Back story is you stole something, and it awoke the boss, and it's all pissed, so's the jap 5-0, that's all there really needs to be known for now. This was supposed to be a demo, but considering how much trouble file size was, we're either gonna release abridged episodes, or get a better program.
Originally this had a lot of sounds, and the pheonix ripped through the two helicopters and blew 'em up when he made a cool entrance, but like I said I had to cut down on stuff hard.

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hahahaha i got stuck in the wall hahaha

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Yeah that happens, i suck at coding and even tf2.

You just have make sure you're gonna clear it, can't just into or through it.

Not bad...

This game is sort of like Megaman, I like it. The few problems I had where the lagg and bad animation on the first boss. I have to agree with Blakant, start out with a smaller project. Try making a simpler game. There is this guy who made his first flash submission called You Know What They Say. It's short and simple, but it's a fun game, I added that game to my favorites. You should try making a game simpler first before you make a bigger game like this. No offence or anything, but seriously, I like this game. I know that I don't have any flash submissions, but I did make some games before with RPG maker XP, I had a great project with that program that I wish I could post to Newgrounds. Anyways, I like this game, keep making more.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it, I'm finishing Arcane aura 2 today, It's way more challenging and funner, it takes maybe a minute to beat the game, but it's tricky, I know the easiest route and I only beat it like 1/3 timesXD

It's just one intense auto-scrolling boss fight.

It's only gonna be maybe 4 MB tops with sound, but without sound it's at 1.6, it runs a lot smoother, and is overall better. When I get home today, I'ma add the sounds and upload it, maybe in 6 hours.

Presentation, presentation

I think ur being ambitious, which is good... A good tips for a head start is to make smallr project so u can get the hang of controlling ur project/work, try to fix some glitch, lagg issues etc

The worst part of it is the presentation, the animation can be fix so much more, maybe add animation when he got hit or w/e, it'll help alot to create some experience to the player....

Anyway, keep doing what ur doing, make improvements as u go along wif it, thats wat rlly important... good luck :)

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

I agree with what you're saying, thanks for the review:]

I'm making improvements slowly with everything I try.

This game is in serious need of optimization...

... Particularly the 2nd level used up all of my RAM, which nearly sent my laptop to hell. What is is that made 2nd level so bloated?

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

150+ frames of animation that the boss was made out of.

I can't do a whole lot of optimizing, I have MF2, but I can't export in flash or swf, so I've really done everything I can atm.

Thanks for the review.

the second level...

this game lagged terribly. i was standing on nonexistant platforms, falling through others, then when i fight through all this... it manages to crash my browser on level two.... troubleshoot, then resubmit. oh, and one more suggestion... make the enemy movement smoother.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

The pheonix is 154 frames, he and the other enemies won't get smoother without me adding more frames, and making it even more laggy, read my instructions in the description, wait about 3 minutes during level 2, then hit "R", and it should be a lot better. You're browser also might not respond for up to two minutes after hitting the space bar. I'm using a cheapish desktop and it's not that bad.

Also I turned resizing off, it made the game look horrible, I didn't have time to try it out last night, I passed out right after submitting it, it made frames disappear and stuff, if you had it on full/expanded screen, this would explain why you had such a hard time.

Thanks for playing and for the review.

Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
3:15 AM EST