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Puberty 10 Points

Destroy the butcher's pituitary gland!

Temporal Lobe 50 Points

Destroy the butcher's temporal lobe!

Ladybugs Knocking Over Deadly Butchers 100 Points

Destroy the butcher's frontal lobe, resulting in total loss of motor control!

Author Comments

Our game jam theme was "Ladybugs knocking over deadly butchers". We chose the obvious thing to do with that theme, so there's no need to explain it here.

Press Q to change quality, F to toggle fullscreen, and the rest of the instructions are in-game.


PS: The "red beams" are neurons. Cause your in his brain and stuff



The formations and art add a ton of originality to a classic concept. Great job Tyler

This is so fun

Just...look at the title. I love how you can change the formation of the ladybugs and stuff.

Loving this game!!!!!!

i love this game because of the option 2 make it fullscreen,this one of the only things why this game is cool
i like the graphics also very nice and creative

. . .

For a 3 day project this is pretty good. The vert flyer thing's been done to death with Raiden and the like but the concept of formations is something i haven't seen before. I -didn't- beat the game and i don't really wanna sit through the very slow moving process again.

This game gets a top score because of the formations. I used EVERY formation more than once. Not to try them out but because the formation was actually MUCH much better than the others for that situation. It was almost like it was orchestrated specifically to cater to constant formation changing. I'm not sure if that was deliberate or completely by accident, but it's something i just have never seen before. I have seen similar, yes, but not exactly like this. In my opinion most of the game is pretty slow paced and a little tedious. Some might say it's lacking in the constantly shifting upgrades that other vertical fliers have (such as powerups) But those games are "orchestrated" to use the powerups given out for a specific part of the level. This game doesn't require powerups specifically because of the formations. The strategy of changing powerups in a vertical flier is replaced in this with the strategy of changing formation, which i feel is actually much better. I think this would be a great game if a little more time was spent on it, a few things changed around here and there. Although i understand the music was supposed to be significantly distorted to give a feel of electricity, neurons and perhaps even a sense of insanity (as it is regarding the destruction of the brain) i found it distracting. Often in the midst of an intense battle the explosions would either distract me from an incoming projectile or other enemies (sometimes even camouflaging them completely) which made it difficult to not lose some of my bugs. Although that's not a major flaw or anything it is pretty annoying.

Even if you didn't change a thing it'd still be a great game but I must say, that formation impliment has so many possibilities as far as this game, a sequel or even a new game is concerned. I've never played a vertical flier with formations and multiple fliers in the formation before, and i think its a pretty sweet idea. Perhaps consider it like playing a vertical flier where you're commanding a small squadron, and strategically giving commands to better deal with a situation. well you don't have to cause it's all right here, even though the theme you got was a little whacked out. I've played a few of your games now, and i like your creativity. 5/5 for that. 10/10 for the formations.

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Epic dude...

Awesome Game dude, even though it was pretty weird with the Brainzz and the Ladybugzz... But the cool thing about this game, is that you get to PWN BUTCHERS.

I hate Butchers.

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
1:47 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight