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Puberty 10 Points

Destroy the butcher's pituitary gland!

Temporal Lobe 50 Points

Destroy the butcher's temporal lobe!

Ladybugs Knocking Over Deadly Butchers 100 Points

Destroy the butcher's frontal lobe, resulting in total loss of motor control!

Author Comments

Our game jam theme was "Ladybugs knocking over deadly butchers". We chose the obvious thing to do with that theme, so there's no need to explain it here.

Press Q to change quality, F to toggle fullscreen, and the rest of the instructions are in-game.


PS: The "red beams" are neurons. Cause your in his brain and stuff


really fun and addictive!
there little things to polish and improve
but anyway, great job!!

Pretty good fun

Short but fun game. This the review before me sums it up best as "twitchy", good to zone out to late at night, especially with the music.

Found formation 4 to be the best later on, to kill the neurons behind you and still have one attack out from, and 1/2 near the beginning depending on the type of enemy.

pretty nifty

I enjoyed the game play, music, and graphics.
The wall mechanic was a new one to me for this genre and was the only reason i kept playing. The ability the change formations added to the fun, however I found my self only using two of them.

I read your comment below about upgrades and have to disagree with you, upgrades would have added allot of substance to this game; a change the formations upon upgrade would have added allot of extra joy, or projectile
strength to deal with with increasing wall structure.
8/10 4/5

Mouse wheel

I like these kind of games, I specially loved the different squads of the shooters (mouse wheel). But I do have some comments. Let's see... When we're supposed to be moving forward, don't make enemies run in from beneath, it's annoying. If those lasers are blocking my projectiles, they should also block all other projectiles (reality check?). If I can't pass through the lasers neither should enemies. That's about it.

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Didn't liked it

Also that you pulled this off in 3 days it's to admire, really.
As a retrogame it was just fine kept playing until the end.
I didn't liked the music though, for me it was annoying, but that's just me.
Though I won't play it again cause, I don't see the point of it.

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
1:47 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight