Monkey Lab Tycoon

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2/23 EDIT: Updates will be held back and released all at once as a new game. For more info, see http://bcdefg123.newgroun ds.com/news/post/569729

This is Team Albino Butterfly's submission for the 3rd NG Game Jam! Woo! Yeah.

We will update this in the coming weeks. Please send us (well, primarily me (Bcdefg123)) error reports and things that aren't right (the less obvious the better). We will also add medals at a later date (we have a list sitting around). Some of the areas in particular (save system, research) are woefully untested - we just didn't have enough time.

Basically, this is a simulation game. Your ultimate goal here is to cure cancer by raising monkeys and earning money.

EDIT: Oh, our theme: Cities Studying Tiny Monkeys


Not bad, but missing one thing

I want a beep.
When the day ends, BEEP
When my monkey craps, BEEP
When my monkey is hungry, BEEP
When anything happens, BEEP
This beep would allow me to run this flash in the background as I peruse the internet, and only switch to this tab when something needs attention.
Maybe it doesn't need to be a beep, it could be a honk, a bark, a statement like "Monkey #1 just thoroughly smeared his cage with feces", or maybe some fusion of a horse whinnying and a pickle crunching.

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It has potential

This game could be great, if it had 3 things: 1. Speed-up button. 2. Work on the bugs. 3. I need something to do all day instead of look at mokeys, watch the clock, and write reviews. If you put these 3 things into the game, depending on how good #3 and #2 are, 10/10. Otherwise, 6/10.

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Has potential

great idea just dosen't seem like the kind of thing to try to pull off in 72 hours i am however looking forward to what might happen in the coming weeks great idea.

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Cure for boredom?

I could sure use one after trying to sit though this game.

It moved waaaay too slow. Progressing through one day took almost five minutes of my time. Which would be fine if there was actually something to do, but as is there really isn't. Staring at monkeys is only so entertaining for so long. I recall buying lab equipment and an assistant... so where are they? They certainly don't appear on the screen.

All of that would be fine if the game was actually.... doing things. But there's nothing for me to do but stare. My monkeys never seem to care that I'm not feeding them for days on end, and only defecate once in a blue moon. They're practically bionic. I'm fairly certain that any real monkey would need one meal a day at bare minimum to survive under any conditions. But then again it's a good thing they don't mind, as it'd be near impossible for me to buy their food en masse. I can only buy food as fast as I can click "Food" then "Buy" and repeat. It's a tedious process.

Then again it's also pointless for me to buy them medication. The one time one actually got sick it literally disappeared. Just gone. No options, no nothing. I thought I saw a flash of a green monkey, and then it was gone for good. At first I assumed it had died then and there, but buying a new monkey created "Monkey #3" when I had only had 2 before.

Actually sitting long enough to find a cure for colds earned me an obnoxious flashing red "!!!" with no message. The counter for my progress went from 100% to 101% and just kept going. There was no way to cash in on my success, or even just to stop the nameless alert. Luckily I had saved at 97%, so I could go back and hope it didn't glitch or something this time right? Well maybe if the save function worked. You suspected right, it doesn't. It saves how much money you had (which is usually less than 10,000 by the time you think to save) and then starts you back at day 1 with one monkey and "-Infinity%" research. It literally reads "-Infinity%" research no matter how much you had before, and only resets to 0% after canceling.

Then after all that, during the whole time I was typing this up so you were aware of the game's flaws... only 3 or so days had passed. And my monkey still didn't look like he needed food. Go figure.

Pretty darn fail... I'm sorry but you really just have to completely overhaul this if it's going to be anywhere near playable.

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bcdefg123 responds:

Indeed, we both plan to give this a thorough fixing up in the coming weeks. In the meantime, thank you for bringing all that to our attention. - Brian

Needs an "end day" button.

I'd really like that because there really isn't an indicator of when the day changed except for the little words on the computer. It'll also make it easier to figure out when you have to feed your monkeys.

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Feb 20, 2011
11:50 PM EST
Simulation - Job