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Bear with it...

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This is my first Flash animation, for my 2D course.
Basically, we had to design and create an animation based around a joke. Now, after working on this for so long, i have lost all humor and do not find this funny at all... But hopefully it's is a different story for the viewers. lol. (I had to go and pick one of the worst jokes out there, but that what happens when im panicked haha.)
The brief was to create a 40 - 60 second animation using different skills picked up over the course (which was very little) but i like to think that i have a wide range of things in this animation from FBF to tweens and other stuff.

The music is by Kevin Macleod and Chris O'Neill, the voice 'acting' has been done by my housemates.
I hope you derive some sort of enjoyment from this.


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this flash movie...

that movie over there...is one of the best flash movies i ever saw..
but really...doesn't matter is it 2d/3d..whats important is the movie itself & what it says... keep it up...for those are like u i watch flash...& 2 spend my free time of course :)

AlStew responds:

Thank you!
I believe you have to enjoy it for it for a good result, and positive reviews like this also make me want to continue creating animations!

what movie where they going to see

and why was that afeser such a dick

AlStew responds:

Haha, is there a need to know what they were going to see?
He has a bear with him, surely he's not gonna be allowed into the cinema anyway. lol ;)


I Must say that this Animation is Great and very well put together. Nothing wrong with this video.

AlStew responds:

Thank you! :D

Humorous. Great beginning flash!

The animation was great, it was interesting, all around great flash! Good job, Hope to see the next piece you do!

AlStew responds:

Thanks! Getting a good review is a big confidence builder, makes me really want to get on with a next project.


awsome animation

awsome voice acting

overall pretyt awsome

AlStew responds:

Thank you for the great score! Glad you enjoyed it. :)