The Northern Incident

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An isolated man and his dog discover the horrors that lurk in the forests of the frozen north


Badly done

Things to point out that suck.

1. cabin in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. Lazy plot?

2.No one else around like that road was made solely for him. Not even car sounds of cars going by.

3. Telephone. The odds of him having service for it are astronomical.

4. Private fishing hole? wouldn't the top be frozen and if his cabin is on water that would be ridiculous.

5. Private parts. Do we really need to see the dog's anus?

6. Stuff. a fridge,telephone,t.v. and a fishing pole does not make an interesting 3 days unless you have no life and made me wonder whether or not he works.

7. Suspense. just isn't there. Even though he is shown scared everything he did ticked me off. He hears noises and believes he saw something yet he doesn't do anything. Doesn't leave (truck right outside) doesn't investigate like most trash horror movies. Just ignores it all.

8. Uneven detail. It is obvious you cared more about the dog than you did the man. there was even more detail while it was sleeping than the man sitting and fishing.

9. The ending. Horrible on all points. The dog running away was the only thing that spurred him into action. He chased after it with no protection.He was haunted by furries. It went pretty fast so I believe all I saw was a cat and dog furry. Really? That is all furries ever dress up as? No raccoon or maybe a squirrel? You don't even get to know what happened to the man.

Now before you cry wah ending spoiler. Lets face facts. If the ending doesn't own up to the animation people should spoil it.

Then the biggest insult of all. You make a less than 10 minute cartoon and hope people will make you rich by buying a t-shirt that reminds them about that animation where both characters possibly died and had no true ending. I know you gotta eat but that shirt won't make me feel better about wasting my time watching this.

I can say the graphics and special effects are more than decent and garner my respect but plz take care to proof read/watch your work so it doesn't become a competition on who can notice the most flaws despite it being an actual working flash with great stuff being hidden by bad/overlooked parts.

I realy dont know how to tink about this

Pusonly the ending was tearibal (engnor all spelling errors i suck at spelling) and there was now aparent reason for an animal to just kill another animal but not eat in a place that prey is scarce also the man should of ran afeter he reailized his phone lines were cut and after he was sorounded bu the wolfmen. Not to mintion that the dog would not of ran anter a groupe of creachers stronger then it. if the creaters plande to kill the dog and man for fun why did they not just chase them that would of gave them an adrilinal rush. If the dog where to bash his head through the windo he would of blead and ben knocked unconcies. FInily The man was able bodyed and smart anough to ad least try to fight back and not just stand there screaming. THe bacies of witch i see this move on is compleatly ilogical and could never be pasibal in real life even if wolf men existed i only gave this 3 stars because i canot make a flash vidio at thhis time so i dont know how difiticalt it

Blair Witch?

Was boring then. And it's boring now :( Don't get me wrong, the animation was alright, and was pretty good quality.

But it was boring...I lost interest too fast in it, it dragged on way too long. I knew the dog was going to die, and I knew he was going to be killed. I had a friend tell me the ending. Furries? Glad I didn't stick around. Would've been too gruesome.

The humor and content just doesn't appeal to me, bro. It's a shame I'm outside of the demographic you appeal to :( I really want to enjoy your stuff.

i was gripped

but then dissapointed wit the terrible ending. wtf mate! could of made it a lot better

Rather dissapointed.

Through most of the animation I was rather happy to see you were finally using your considerable animating talents to make something more worthwhile than Whacky Game Jokes For Kids.

Then you had to end it with a lame furry porn joke... It saddens me to see your talent wasted so.

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Feb 20, 2011
3:58 PM EST
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