Thieves Away!

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Kill 1 5 Points

Kill someone!

Kill 10 5 Points

kill 10 enemies

Kill 15 5 Points

kill 15 enemies

Kill 5 5 Points

kill 5 enemies

Kill 20 10 Points

kill 20 enemies

Wave 5! 10 Points

Reach wave 5

Kill 50! 25 Points

kill 50 enemies

Wave 10! 25 Points

Reach wave 10

Wave 15! 25 Points

Reach wave 15

Kill 100! 50 Points

kill 100 enemies

Wave 20! 50 Points

Reach wave 20

Wave 50! 100 Points

No f*@^!ng way man!

Author Comments

*u can kill the thieves after they has taken some money ,to scare them stand infront of them and press space.

hey,this our team's sumbittion,since there are 2 teams names "team ginger" we decided to call ourselves "team team".
this game is a kind of an atari 2600 game,that we tried to do in that old arcade games.
so in this retro game,you play as a demon who wants to save his treasure from the thieves outside,help the demon to save his loot and get the best score u can,and also try to see if u can reach the high score from all the players who play this game ;P
*medals are still not approved by the newgrounds staff,please be patiant till its approved,thanks.

-our theme:
"Thieves eradicating demonic demons"

enjoy our game who was made in 2 days for the newgrounds gamejam3!
Team Team!


simpel but good enough

Just a basic and simpel game. not worth a 2 not worth a 10. There are already enough of those morrons who easily give a 10 for shit. The wave 50 medal.. i think it's not even possible. Unless u are prepared to play hours (what most wont do anyway).

other thing. Only press space the moment they take your gold. Exactly at the sec they take it you must stand opposite direction of them and press space. nothing else. Easy right?

it wouldnt even play for me...

i clicked play but nothing happened.

error in your programming

im guessing you put it to change wave when XX/XX is reached right? well i had 16/17 on wave 8, then killed 2 men at the same time and guess what, it got up to 70/17 and no wave 8, you could do = to and larger to fix it

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scaring away doesnt work at all for me and killing only 1/4 of the time... wtf?

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space bar do shit

aoe too small

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Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2011
3:51 PM EST
Skill - Other