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At last, I present to you the final, full version of my game, "Street Fighter Legend of Ansatsuken".
Basically, it's a rpg game based on the story of Street Fighter alpha, which revolves around Ryu and Ken's youth.
That's right, in this game you'll play as both Ryu and Ken, the most popular heroes of Capcom's well known Street Figter saga.
The gameplay came out as a mix between Legend of Legaia and the SF fighting games.

For those who don't know, the first time I submitted this game in three parts, because its size was too big to fit in one single submission.

But, thanks to Tom Fulp, I can now submit the whole game, so that you can play it from the beginning to the end. That's right, the end.
Obviously, the final filesize is pretty big, so please have patience while it loads.

By the way, I removed part 2 from Newgrounds. Part 1, instead, is still online (only because it seems I can't remove it) but I renamed it "DEMO version".

I will mention one last thing: if you defeat Akuma, you get to fight the last, secret match and if you win, you can watch the secret ending.
Good luck with that fight, though, as Akuma is one pretty strong badass.

What else is there to say? Please play my game and review, I hope you'll like it! ^_^


Make the 2 Please

Muja responds:

I assume you liked the game, so I thank you ;)

damn Muka,why this game so epic?i want so much the LoA 2 :3,its just perfect man,a likely street fighter rpg,love u x-x

Muja responds:

Hey, thanks!!
I made this game so epic so you could have fun while playing it! lol! :D

This awesome 5/5. ( p.s can you link me to the guile theme used when you fight him.)

Muja responds:

Thank you very much.
I inform you that a sequel of this game will be online before this summer, I hope you'll play that, too. ^_^

Oh, and the music you're talking about is "Guile's theme" from Street Fighter 4. :)

every time i see dis vid i find an underwear and put them on my head like ryus head band and spill yellow make up on my hair and say metsattsu all tha time XD!

Muja responds:

Ahaha I'm glad a true street fighter fan likeyoursef appreciated my game! Thanks for the review! ;)

Nice storyline. Awesome cutscenes. Just overall nice game :D btw what's the music when Akuma arrived in the dojo battling gouken?

Muja responds:

Thank you very much!
Oh, that's a theme I found on Youtube... Is something like a mix between Gouken's and Akuma's theme. Pretty neat, uh?

Thank you again, I hope you'll come to play the demo of the sequel - that should come out during this month or maybe the next one.

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2011
1:55 PM EST
Adventure - RPG
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