A Mega Lesson On Bullying

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Okay. A school project. Approx. one month to create. Hope you like, I'll put a better version up when I feel like it.


love it

just great

... This isn't how it works in the real world.

I can commend you for trying to put the message across (in a quite detailed and slightly humerous flash) but in reality this is not what happens in most bullying incidents. I've had to live with the failures of other people stopping these situations from happening and will likely have to do such for the rest of my life.

Whenever you tell someone about the bullying incident, one of three things can happen:

The first is what you've shown and unfortunately it's rare. In this day and age, it is usually about how many grades someone can get, or how much money someone can earn. If that means ignoring someone in need then they likely would.

The second is that they can spin the story to make you look like the bad guy the whole time, which happens frequently in society these days and has actually resulted in several people taking their own lives because no matter what they did, they were always the cause the problem even when they truely weren't. A tell tale sign of this happening is when you can clearly see the victim's own family calling them liars, even if they arrive at home with injuries or missing belongings/money.

The third situation is that the people who are being told what is happening shrug it off as a 'one time thing' or a 'phase' and just pretend to do something, but honestly don't. This situation has also caused people to eventually take their own lives because the bullying in question got worse and worse to the point where the people who were the victims could not take it anymore.

What makes situations two and three worse is that the people (the bullies) who caused the problem will have no guilt about their actions, and even after their initial victim is gone or dead, they will just keep doing it, choosing a new victim and eventually in adulthood teaching their children to do the same, thus causing a new era of bullies and another generation of victims who may or may not die with no real people to care about what happens to them.

It is also made worse by the people who are in authority (teachers, parents and/or police) to actually stop the situation standing by or even accusing the wrong people of the problem, even after the victim has died. If there's any school teachers, parents or police officers reading this, I must request... PLEASE... get the full story on these situations and DON'T leave it until it's too late. A bully who isn't stopped will continue to bully and will progressively get worse and worse... so please, think about the people who are the victims, who could very well die because of these situations.

A person who is bullied may end up never being able to live a normal life, constantly in fear of being attacked, harmed or looked upon as trash on the face of the earth... even long after the original bullies have left them alone. It can even lead to new bullies picking on them simply because of a reputation they earned at school.


For the sake of a better future, I hope you all have read this message and taken on board the real depth of what bullying is, and what it can end up doing to the people involved.

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Jaedowg responds:

The only reason I couldn't develop the story into something better was because the due date for the assignment was soon. But I'll take that to heart, thanks. :)

what the dous?

that was unexpected when i heard the mega man theme song i thought wait what cause this was unexpected i thought i was going to be some boring dude just talking about it like how i heard it a million times but i got to say good work on this i was trying not to laugh at mega mans voice the lintier time


Not the best animation or voice, but I like the non violent way of solving the situation. Well I'm a teacher so what could I say

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Jaedowg responds:

At least the voice wasn't all done by me... :P


Hey, its Airman/Narrator voice! Just to throw some stuff out there, yes, bullying is a federal offense, oddly enough. And I have to agree, some of the voices, including my own, were a tad meh. Overall though, this whole thing still is fun to watch.

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