Step Sleeper

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Based on Real events. Expect a slew of cat related shorts, I'm inspired. Also I'm in dire need of sound-designed animations.

Happy Cat (name of the cat in question) Was dignified, and all around cool... she was also stubborn, No matter how many times someone tripped over her on the stair she would NEVER MOVE.


Good work

I got a dog like that :D
Great stuff

Not what most are use to...

But to be honest i think your art style is great!! Very unique and the overall colour schemes has a very smooth and relaxed feel. Like i said, key thing is that its different, and people are gonna love or hate that.


Yea....I'm gonna have to agree with the guy below me....Sure....anime style has had quite the influence and is done a lot.....does that make it bad? No....I also love how he says the "anime" style.....as if anime completely consists of one style. There are hundreds upon thousands of different styles, each different and unique in its own way. Also if you are talking about a stereotypical anime style...yea, you couldn't be further off....none of these characters have super big eyes, amazingly large breasts, short miniskirts to reveal their cotton panties and bubble butts. So maybe you should do a little research and thinking before you type out your words and make yourself look like an idiot

Way to go noodles. By the way that cat looks like a demon cat >.>.....i like it

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sorry but..

I can't stand cats!!!

Siamease Cats, Honestly

I used to have one but can't say I ever had that problem, And the amount that happened in the video I'm supprised it wasn't dead by the end : ). But time for the review. I'd give it a 8, It just feels like its missing something. The frame by frame animation I can't fault on the other hand. Otherwise Its a nice little short you've got here

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4.13 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2011
2:28 PM EST
Comedy - Original