Step Sleeper

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Based on Real events. Expect a slew of cat related shorts, I'm inspired. Also I'm in dire need of sound-designed animations.

Happy Cat (name of the cat in question) Was dignified, and all around cool... she was also stubborn, No matter how many times someone tripped over her on the stair she would NEVER MOVE.



Great, because it is true. My roomies have cats, 3 of which love to sleep/lay/play/set for no particular reason on the steps. It is always the top 2 steps behind a door. I got to this flash through your other cat submission. Both very enjoyable 5/5 8/10. Keep up the good work, I await seeing what the cats do next (and I wish the cats at my place smelled like chocolate, ours smell like Thai and Greek food or whatever was in the trash/ceiling if they manage to get into it).


NEVER MOVE? What a lazy cat!

im an anime lover

i love this animation, im an anime lover to the core, but i dont like the assumptions that anime sucks AS A STYLE.
1 anime isnt a style, there are several different forms and art in anime
2 anime is just ANIMATION , ones that come from japan or originated
3 most people might say that dont like anime for the fact that they cant get into the storyline, dont like the art, or the characters, in all, has nothing to do with ANIME itself

anime is great and a lot of shows actually based their animating from it
( only thing i hate is the dialog sometimes )

all i ask is that people respect it and give it a try , and not ball bash what you dont understand


this was a great animation and i like this because its both funny and relatable my cat does the same damn thing lol
keep this up your shorts are very good, just buy some better audio equipment, that would be a 20% boost, your another of few who've inspired me to animate and draw when i had a block so you know.


I love how the cat's all offended lol

Review ...


To start off, I'd like to say that this animation was short and to the point. I liked the voice acting, the array of sound effects you used and experimented with and of course the animation which was truly smooth. The only drawbacks, cons if you wish, were the shortness which I wouldn't really call a problem but your audience wants to be a bit more entertained so you may consider making these films a bit longer, and the second which is not present yet but could happen, many before you, found sound effects and flashing so intriguing that they pumped their animations with them and forgot about the core, (the story). I've seen your animations and I liked most of them, so the only thing to say is: keep up the good work.

Oh, and btw, for those who don't like the style of the animation or refer to it as anime, should maybe try to give some evidence that supports their claims and/or feelings, and don't misunderstand me I know everyone has a personal opinion, but instead of slandering and giving negative feedback try to prove your point.
Yours sincerely,


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4.13 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2011
2:28 PM EST
Comedy - Original