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Rombo Rush

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Author Comments

This is my latest game (so far). I had it brewing ("collecting dust") around in an almost-finished state for a few months and now that i found some little time i decided to wrap it up (mostly fix some URLs, update some titles, etc and enable the highscores) and put it on the web.

The game is similar to my previous Rombo game (after a big update, which unfortunately very few noticed), only more action-oriented than exploration-oriented. The goal is simply to stay alive as much as possible by shooting down the hordes of enemies.

To get used to the controls (which you can tweak via the options screen and even redefine the keys - a feature that people with non-QWERTY layouts should check :-P), the first few levels are relatively easy - mostly with zombies and bats.

The game has eight maps and selects randomly one of them each time (not all maps will appear in the first few levels). In each map there are spawning pads from where monsters grow out and you need to kill a specified number of monsters (shown at the top right part of the screen with a minimap which shows the monster positions relative to you) to proceed to the next map.

You increase your score by killing the monsters. Also you can collect items such as gems and treasures scattered around, or - for the most expensive items - find them in secret locations or rooms (finding a secret room will also increase your score).

The game ends when you run out of health. Picking up hearts will increase your health. Getting trapped between monsters is an almost sure death.

You can publish your score after dying or if you exit to the menu and end the game.

Below are the default controls (remember: you can change them from the Options screen)

WASD or Arrows => Move around, turn left/right

Q / E => Strafe left/right

Space or X => Strafe modifier (strafe left/right using Space+A/D or X+A/D)

Ctrl or Z => Fire or activate (open door)

Enter or Shift => Turn around 180 degrees


Waiting for comments :-)

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That like DooM


The gameplay was epic, loved the music and the oldschool graphics.

badsectoracula responds:

Thanks :-)


Ok, Music was nice.

The story is nice.

WHAT earns all my stars though, is the GAMEPLAY!

So smooth, easy to understand, fast paced, My god I orgasmed all over this flash game.

You are my new best friend. (Kidding but awesome game!)

badsectoracula responds:

Thanks :-)
I wasn't sure if people would really like the gameplay as it is (especially without the help of mouse looking - due to Flash's limiations, which is why the original Rombo is more exploration driven). But i decided to try it anyway :-)

Ahhh, to be young again....

This took me back to the days of Doom and Duke Nukem. Thanks for making this game and making me all nostalgic!

badsectoracula responds:

Yeah, i love these games too :-). The original Rombo (see my profile) is closer to these games too (more exploration oriented, normal levels, etc) although it has a slower pace :-)

Credits & Info

4.66 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2011
8:51 PM EST