Cave Trek

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Play as a nameless hero as you adventure your way down a treacherous cave filed with insidious traps, cunning boss battles, and fabulous treasure!

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Short, simple, awesome!

Great start to what appears to be a series, though I'm glad it ended when it did (much more and that would have been annoying).

Some minor annoyances:
- Tile shape made it hard to tell how many blocks there actually were (entirely likely this was on purpose but it was still a pain when trying to plan out the route beforehand)
- Can't see the rest of the screen before starting the level
- No hints as to which pillars go first, until it's too late?

Maybe a way to look over the levels before starting, so as not to take away from the feel during the game (i.e. levels stay the same with tiles/pillars/screen size, just a more basic overview before actually playing)?

Still; nice feel, music worked, an original way of doing this type of puzzle and a plot! All you need is a few medals, maybe a secret or bonus level, and this could be a truly brilliant series!

Are there going to be cave monsters?

Great game!

Yes, the controls need a little to get used to, but overall great challenging and responsive game.
Good job

Great challenge

only thing that bother me a bit is the music and the somewhat wierdly oriented controls


I really love the pixel work, the music, the sound, you did a grand job! *HIGH FIVE*
A bit challenging, but short and beatable. I can't wait for another one!!!

I'm looking forward to more of your work posted here on NG!

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2011
4:46 AM EST
Puzzles - Other