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VOTING IS OVER: Nekow and Vortex00 got the most votes and have filled in the remaining co-author spots. 46 out of 60 people got at least one vote, thanks to everyone for leaving reviews, now tell us what you want to see in the WORM sequel!

This collab was started in 2007 and has been passed around behind the scenes for a few years finally culminating in this!

60 artists who have blended their artwork seamlessly into a giant "WORM!"

Have fun exploring!


I vote for.....Deadspread83.

His had the most impact on my observation. It sorta symbolizes a variety of things. Birth and Death but the eyes still year for the will of creativity. The baby might be transcending from the bring of it's own creation where it'll leave it's mark and fade away into a blue of blissful existence.

But it wouldn't be fair if I didn't give a brief opinion on the rest of them
*note: It may be brutally honest or ignorant so don't take me too seriously.

Luis: China's gonna be the major power. It's just facts.

BlackMarketKraig: A couple with the changes in color representing a sad event.

Bomtoons: It's cute, spontaneous, and very clean-cut.

DooDooMeat: Does someone like the Smurfs? It's perfect for children's books.

J E Macmillian: The dress merging into different swirls might explain the dialogue we are not hearing and what she hopes for.

Laserkal Haggner: A parody of "God Awakens Adam" which is replaced humorously with a wrench and a robot. Clever and symbolic.

Underarock: Neat illustration.

Lilg: Makes good use of colors and patterns.

Threadwood: One might say the artist was SO spontaneous he himself doesn't know what he created.

Zekey: Inspired probably from joys of his youth.

Catoblepas: A portrayal of visual violence and mental anguish.

Savory: This might symbolizes the choice to remain ignorant and blissful despite the problematic situations.

Fleshlight: Absurd and distasteful to some, humorous to many.

PoxPower: Only one in bit-art. It's much harder than it seems.

Sucho: It gives me nightmares.

Turkeyonastick: Very stylish, humorous, and nonsensical.

Atomic-Noodle: Confusing text explains something.

Lalo: That little ships got some "iron cajones". Symbolizes "iron-cajones". It will most likely fire ammo of iron cajones.

Mynamewontfitin: A perfect logo of something.

Vortex00: High quality anime art is always appreciated by those who like high quality anime art.

X-Factorii: Sloppy Silly cartoon.

JadetheAssassin: Is this Gaia? Cosmic art must've been hard to conceptualize.

Johanl: Like watching Easter eggs fall in slow motion.

Almightyhans: Attack of the Fifty Foot Fabio Robot was my first thought.

BizarroJoe: Playful perversion that is always cute.

Stamper: :) Oh Stamper. Always the twisted yet gleeful humorist.

Sabtastic: Mom version 3, hot stuff Sab. But I liked her better with hair.

Jouste: Paying homage to Behemoth's greats! Fan Art x 10 High FIVE!

TheShadling: Yep, that's pretty much explains military higher powers.

Onery: Wow, so peaceful, so lucid.

Nekow: A knight humbles himself by speaking formally to the fierce dragon.

Renaenae: Your art deserves to be in the Newgrounds' Musee de louvre.

Jeff Bandelin: Eww, what are they looking through?

Embrio: Gargoyle, robot; are there similarities?

Elmgico: I'm lost in a void.

Pikanjo: That explains NG in a nutshell.

CaptainBen: Goofy and Gross. And it has lips.

ToonHole: Ominous events looms as one prepares himself.

Mogly: Didn't you always hate those fathers' "lets have a talk" time?

Coaly: I'm looking into your personal subconscious.

Middlefingerrings: Lethargic and Gluttonous and easy to scorn.

TMK: A different culture. Scornful eyes except in a youth's.

Idiot-Monarch: Even robots need love.

Neolight: A perfect for concept in game art.

Cuestaluis: It's SEAMAN! From Dreamcast.

JohnnyCancer: To lie naked and be lost in your dreams .That's sexy and sounds relaxing.

KevinBarrios: "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Is the motivational message for today.

Austinbreed: A pledge to tell the truth, to witness, and present evidence so help you God.

Vousielle: Ah, history in the making.

Temariix: The evil Lizard in my closet.

Jonas: Rejects of Tokidoki.

Kupaman: Catobolpass less twisted twin.

Bluehippo: Birth of a sea bear.

Nathielmilburn: I'm standing this close to your face. Do I freak you out?

Myhatisblue: And so is your robot. Pew Pew!

Erasmus: Oh SHIT! A SQUID!

Occluded: I see the truth in cosmic space.

Jagondudo: It's loving embrace on a new planet.

Mindchamber: There is an equal amount of hatred as there is love.


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or Sucho

Longcat is LOOOOOONG

I would like to see a bigger one. Fleshlight's work is the best one.


Most of the artwork in this is nice but Neolights work makes all the other art look like junk. They where all just a bunch of cartoons. Its like comparing a portrait against a bunch of stick figures or in jades case a dot.

Artworm is,,,,,

Wow, I am.......words cannot describe how blown away i am by all this. first off, the seamlessness.....for the most part, it was almost impossible to tell where one began and the other left off, that was just amazing how you did all that. Kudos to whoever did that part, that was fantastic. second off, the art itself. i dont think ive seen much better art on here, this is some of the best. I swear, anyone who contributed a piece of art to this could be a professional if they wanted to, and i would even go as far as to say that i would almost steak my life that they would be successful, i am that sure.
overall, its one big flawless masterpiece shaped like a worm....that is apparently eating its tail
Kudos to everybody that contributed or helped in this collab, kudos to you all!

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