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VOTING IS OVER: Nekow and Vortex00 got the most votes and have filled in the remaining co-author spots. 46 out of 60 people got at least one vote, thanks to everyone for leaving reviews, now tell us what you want to see in the WORM sequel!

This collab was started in 2007 and has been passed around behind the scenes for a few years finally culminating in this!

60 artists who have blended their artwork seamlessly into a giant "WORM!"

Have fun exploring!


Very interesting.

Some incredible art and it really shows that NG is an incredibly talented place. I always thought of NG as a really talented place, but looking at this I see that there is so much more than what I thought. This place is fucking incredible. There are a lot of artists who worked on this and I really have to say that most of them did a wonderful job.

The "gameplay" was a bit interesting I guess, but a bit useless. He walked too slowly to get a good pace of the art, and he ran too fast to see a lot of it. You should get a good tempo while scrolling and I don't think that was offered. I also think that when you click on the artists name it should show a little window describing a little bit about the artist and then offer a link to his webpage. I think this collab was very original and it really is huge and shows a lot of the talent that can be found here on NG.

And if I had to vote on one artist who has the best I guess I would have to go with jagondudo. His art was really artistic and well done. I did like a lot of them and the different styles of everything. Stamper's made me laugh and I wanted to vote for him. BlueHippo, Vortex00, and Lalo were also considered for my vote. Great artworks by them, but I had to go with jagondudo's. Again, great collab!

Tom's was clearly the most original:P

But I'm gonna have to say CosmicDeath! With Nekow as a runner up.

This was a really really good collab idea, glad to see the ideas aer getting more creatvie and original!


johnny cancer

I vote

For Neolight

my vote

johnny cancer

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4.02 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2011
12:09 AM EST
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