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Theory of dimensions

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Feb 17, 2011 | 6:20 PM EST

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Just my theory of dimensionality; Don't get mad if i am incorrect, i am no mathematician. If you have any arguments, just comment.



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4th grader?!?!?!

Hey cool that you are blowing your mind with this but here are some corrections:
its not just about putting things inside each other or connecting strings.
1D is a coordinate on one string (x-axis), 2D are two cooridinates (+ the y-axis), meaning for a four-sided figure x*y or a*b and 3D are 3 coordinates (+ the z-axis), meaning for a cuboid x*y*z or a*b*c. 4D as a spatial dimension is just a theory.
To build a Tessarakt or Hypercube, as its called, you have to multiply it by an additinonal axis (mostly defined as w), meaning x*y*z*w, meaning a cube with space in its space. Thats not impossible just a theory!

Sorry if i confused anyone but my english is not that good to explain such a complicated aspect.

Also: keep up blowing your mind with those things. Maybe you can be the one to figure this out and get a NOBEL PRIZE d0oOd. 10 stars to motivate and support you ^^


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Not a game...

I mean, sure it's an interesting concept. But I wouldn't consider this a game. It's
more like a Powerpoint presentation.

5/10 so that I don't come off like a jerk, and because I support the sciences.


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u made a mistake...

.....a mistake in the proof for 1d square, each line should contect to the other. other than that it all seems good :D


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aw gee, that's so darn cute

There are some nice books on string theory out there, they deal with dimensions and I think you'd find at least the first few chapters interesting.
There's a documentary by BBC too, check it out.

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Get out before its too late!!!!

This site is no place for a young lad such as yourself
It will warp your fragile little mind.

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