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Bodo The Treasure Ball is an arcanoid game played with mouse or with arrow keys. You have a 36 fun levels to beat and a lot of bonuses on the way.

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Good graphics.

But very bad scripting the ball always moves in zig-zag and the second ball goes through the pad.

Well well well...

This game reminds me of a game known as DX ball. While this game replicates it indeed, it does not compare to it. Where to begin?

I will not lie, the gameplay is smooth, really smooth. The arcade style works well here, although I will say that it became a bit of a pain trying to hit the diamond, treasure, or other at the top of the screen, as the ball would sort of keep bouncing to the same two places repeatedly, but its not much to rage about either. The backround is a bit....eh.....bland considering the title of the game. Although it doesnt contribute to actual gameplay, it would make the quality slightly better. As far as sounds go, I felt i was listening to pebbles falling into a sort of canyon. In short, the lack of music kind of made me uninterested, where as a touch of music to play along with that fits the theme would have given me that extra "oomph" to play with. I feel this is the kind of game that you can play for 5 minutes, or two hours based on how focused on the game it keeps you.

I am not hating the game, I enjoyed it. What I am saying is that the game is good, just not as good as it can be. a few extra tidbits here and there can really turn ordinary into extraordinary. You still get a 8/4 from me, so don't take this review personally. I'll be waiting for more of your work in the future. Kudos.


pretty slow moving ball and not challenging at all. its like the weak version of Arkinoid i think ill boot up dos box and play that instead

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2.88 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2011
6:16 AM EST