MvC3: Wolverine

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Wolverine comes out of retirement to pitch Marvel vs Capcom 3


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To bad neither Marvel nor Capcom would use a parody like this to sell me on the game (I've played the X-Box 360 version by the way, and it is AWESOME, save for the cheapness of the final boss.). Seeing Wolverine suck on one of Felicia's titties at the beginning made me LOL hard. I just wish he didn't look out of shape. I know it's parody, but I still would have liked to have seen Wolverine being made fun of in peak physical condition.

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Greatest MVC3 ad ever!!!

Bub ass fucking bubs is the greatest line I have ever heard. I laughed harder watching this than any of the other MVC3 advertisements. Greatest dialogue ever! I don't know if Stamper or Luis wrote the dialogue but it's fucking epic!! Keep up the good work boys,Stamper your Rebecca flash is still one of my favorites!

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It's okay :)

Hmm... It's as good as the other two. Niot better or worse. THe are all as good as the other one :)

Oooh Logan, getting pussy and working... You wild beast :3

Im not going to lie!

This was very well animated, not a style that I like, but I suppose that it is a parody. Anyways I thought the concept was well thought out, and MvC3 is awsome, though I mainly say that because of Arthur. :P 10/10


COTEX!!! COTEX!!! I cant belive it!! I didn't laugh so loud since....well Since a long long long time ago, Oh you guys gave me my life back...

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4.28 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2011
1:05 AM EST
Comedy - Parody