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Is this a horror or a love story?

I started this in mid October for the NG halloween thing, but once I realized I was going to miss the deadline I started taking my time. This probably took me around 3 months in total as there was definitely an entire month worth of screwing around and playing XBox Live arcade... THAT MONTH WAS WORTH IT THOUGH.
I did all the animation and music and everything, BUT I had awesome help on the voice work from Caxx, which I couldn't have done without:
http://caxx.newgrounds.co m


Sorry about the filesize, and thanks a bazillion again to Tom for raising my limit, and for the front page and everything else.



please... MAKE A SECOND ONE!

THIS and nyan cat are just tooo epic this would be worth a sequal! lol

Seriously funny shit!

the animations were fantastic, the voice overs were great, and the ending...well, only a few of us would get what that was about (hur hur giggity).

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2 thumbs up for the boner I just got.

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It's just not fair. I mean seriously, you'd think a guy would have an advantage over a freaky random monster, but noooo. Cause Mr tentacle monster has the totally unfair ability to just rape a target girl and make her orgasm like 50 bazillion times, no sweat. Vampires and werrewolves have that whole tormented super-dude thing going on... So that's it for the rest of us puny normal guys. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!!!??? *Sob*. Monsters who play that whole lonely tormented bs don't know jack sh*t about loneliness - try being the guy who died of old age, having spent his entire life alone, because all his potential chances at happiness kept being stolen by rapist tentacles and immortal pretty boys. DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL! Not that would serve any further purpose...

Great animation and voice acting, very good work. My inner adolescent screams for more perversion, but that's irrelevant, and he's been sent to his room. Here's looking forward to future works!

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redminus responds:

I know man, it sucks, I don't even go out anymore because I know that every time I do there's gonna be some kind of tentacle something-or-other or like a vampire or were wolf just WAITING to cockblock me, FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Hehe, tentacle rape reference...

I am amazed.
This flash seems to be done with so much skill and love, which you clearly see in the outcome. Story wasn't that "amazing" or something, but the rest of that totally made it up, I think. Also, it just looks like a TON of effort to me and for that, I think you clearly deserve a 10 and a 5.
The last thing I want to mention (cause it was just great) are the light effects (like when the bus is driving away and that guy is covered in a little red glow) That looked awesome!

Art: 10/10
Animation: 10/10
Voiceacting: 10/10
Story: 6.5/10 (As I said, not that oiginal)
Humor 10/10 (The end slideshow totally cracked me up^^)
That wouldn't make a 10, I think, but you get bonus points for... let's say erotic or something ;)


redminus responds:

Haha. Thanks! I try to really put a lot of thought into my lighting, especially.

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4.45 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2011
10:08 PM EST
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