Rise Of The Gunslinger

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update: Holy fuck! In the three years I've been on this site, I never would have expected to get front page, thank you tom!

A mysterious gunslinger has appeared from seemingly nowhere, with only a six-shooter and a musical stopwatch in his possesion.

music was used from For a few Dollars More and High plains drifter, as well as many ideas that i used in this cartoon.



Why did he shoot the black guy twice as much?

Weired coincidence!

The is weired because I just read "Of Men and MIce"...
It's a bit scary


This Story Has Alot Of Meanings And Symbolism So I Prusome and Correct me if i am Wrong
-The Mysterious Gunman Was Actualy The Brother Of The Man He Killed At The End Who Had Murdered Him With The Help Of The First Wanted Criminal Back From The Dead To Claim His Vengence.
-The Pocketwatch Was a Gift From One Brother To The Other.
-The Two Men Who Attacked Him While Speaking To The Indian Represent That He Wasnt a Cold Hearted Man on a Killing Spree. (Also Along With The Barmen And The Other Criminal)
-I Do Not Know If The Music Represented Anything When The Stopwatch Was Opened
-Was Both The Killing At 12am And Pm.
This Story May not Gain The Reviewings It Deserves Because Most People Are Reluctant To Think about Things in Great Detail But I Do Belive It Is A Great Video And Well Worthy Of a Ten Keep it Up.

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savage011 responds:

that was perfect analyzing dude, you hit the nail on the head! nice job


A good story..gratz bro

savage011 responds:

thank you! i cant believe i finally won an award!

......it's how things are told!

Now I've seen a tendency of lack of interest in aesthetics (like the style of fat-pie, salad fingers guy)In this case, well the art could've been better...BUT by some strange reason here the weird Aesthetics, the Music and the Story work like clockwork...AWESOME work! I love it!

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savage011 responds:

haha thanks man, im happy you managed to look past my shitty drawings :)

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Feb 15, 2011
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