Rise Of The Gunslinger

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update: Holy fuck! In the three years I've been on this site, I never would have expected to get front page, thank you tom!

A mysterious gunslinger has appeared from seemingly nowhere, with only a six-shooter and a musical stopwatch in his possesion.

music was used from For a few Dollars More and High plains drifter, as well as many ideas that i used in this cartoon.


Dont let it get to your head...

Its not "Amazing". So suck it yusefdoodi. But its not crap. Its just a new animator getting his feet wet. Keep up the work, but dont think its amazing because it really isn't.

savage011 responds:

i never thought it was amazing, i didnt even think i'd get a daily award. You dont have to be a dick just because some people like the cartoon.


I'm giving you a 9, just cause of minor animation issues.

But I really think you should get this and make a short film or something. This is fucking amazing. And that tune was spot on. :D


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savage011 responds:

thank you for the review! it means alot


Now that had an amazing storyline.
And the shocking revelation at the end, VERY SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even I didn't see that one coming.

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savage011 responds:

haha im glad to have shocked you :)


From the very beginning I couldn't get into this animation.

There wasn't nearly enough deapth or build-up for your "twist" to have any shock value.
The animation was poor at best. Stories without dialog can be masterpeices, but when your characters are drawn as poorly as they are, the viewer can't tell what kind of feeling or emotion you're trying to convey.

And on top of it all, the story wasn't even entirely original. It was way too similar to Pale Rider - a movie where Clint Eastwood plays a gunslinger who was murdered and comes back as a ghost to take revenge on those who killed him.
(Great Movie!)

Sorry man. I just couldn't buy it.

savage011 responds:

pale rider was never implied that the preacher was a ghost, he even had bullet wounds in his back symbolizing he survived the gunfight, if anything this borrowed more from high plains drifter. At least know what this is inspired from before you critisize me of "ripping off"

good story

had a very good story.. however the animation seemed a little lazy at the beginning but as the video progressed the schemes were more elaborate. yet 7/10 for the slow build up

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savage011 responds:

alright fair enough, thanks for the review!

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3.71 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2011
4:59 PM EST