Rise Of The Gunslinger

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update: Holy fuck! In the three years I've been on this site, I never would have expected to get front page, thank you tom!

A mysterious gunslinger has appeared from seemingly nowhere, with only a six-shooter and a musical stopwatch in his possesion.

music was used from For a few Dollars More and High plains drifter, as well as many ideas that i used in this cartoon.


Great flash, albeit lacking in the animation field

This is really good! The only problems are mediocre animation and sound, as was said before. However, many of the greatest animations on here are just joke toons, and I prefer to judge based on originality. The plot on this is, quite frankly, amazing; I can see the thought that was put into this. Don't think that this isn't great because of lower reviews, that's just animators who are most likely jealous because you're getting more attention than them even though your animation skills aren't up to par. It's the story that makes this animation great, which is why I'll give it a 9 and a 5.

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savage011 responds:

thanks! its good to know i that people at least like the story in this.

Has potential, but that's all.

I can see that you put a lot of thought into this, and it really has the potential to be very good, but its not there right now. The music is okay, and the animation is average (unless that was your intent). The flash left me feeling like this was unfinished. It has a good story to it, but left me feeling unsatisfied in the end.

savage011 responds:

sorry it left you feeling that way, i can assure you i didnt intend for it to look unfinished its just my crappy art style.

Great atmosphere

Although i kind of saw the ending coming because i read the comments first (stupid me), i really felt the suspense and the parts where the watch plays the music gave me goosebumps. The animation wasn´t perfect but worked well enough. Great job!

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savage011 responds:

thank you mr. cotton!


I sort of liked the story. But, if he was a ghost, how did that one guy shoot off his hat?

There were some sound issues, probably my speakers, and some animation things.

savage011 responds:

it wasnt your speakers, the sounds were out of sinc so i converted the audio to adcm but that makes it crackle :(

Great job

I really enjoyed this flash newgrounds has been full of crap lately so its refreshing to see something well..... fresh. I did definetly enjoy the animation work you did although i found that it lacked some detail but it was still good. The only complaint i had about the audio was the part with the tomatoes.....really high pitch and loud so it seems like you might need to level out how the audio varies on noise levels. All in all i would give it a 8/10 and i will vote 5/5. P.S. Don't let moronic assholes like EBcondensate get to you, they write reviews like that because thei lives a miserable and sadly the only way they seem to get any satisfaction in live is when the people around them are miserable too.

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savage011 responds:

thanks for the review! and sorry about the pitch during the tomato part, im not really sure what happened there.

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3.71 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2011
4:59 PM EST