Rise Of The Gunslinger

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update: Holy fuck! In the three years I've been on this site, I never would have expected to get front page, thank you tom!

A mysterious gunslinger has appeared from seemingly nowhere, with only a six-shooter and a musical stopwatch in his possesion.

music was used from For a few Dollars More and High plains drifter, as well as many ideas that i used in this cartoon.


Good movie

Not gonna lie the art was really bad. But like I always say about video games graphics don't always make a game great. The story was good so I gave it an 8.

savage011 responds:

thanks! i appreciate it


Dude I loved it. Great Clint Eastwood references, love a For a few Dollars More and High Plains Drifter. I thought the story was great, I like how you sort of mixed the two movies together sort of. Just work on your visuals and you're good to go, this is something I'd like to film. You just gave me some sweet ideas, thanks!!

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savage011 responds:

thanks! good luck with your future film!

Well done

I almost stopped watching when I saw the quality of the art, but I'm glad I kept watching. The story was actually pretty compelling for me. Get your visuals to the same spot and you're going to be making some great stuff.

savage011 responds:

thank you! im happy you gave my cartoon a chance


I really enjoyed watching it, good story. Improve your animations a little and I'm sure your next animation will be amazing.

savage011 responds:

thanks for the encouragement!

good effort

Although you borrowed a lot from "For a Few Dollars More" as any Clint Eastwood fan could easily pick out, the plot was origional and the animation and sound flowed together well. Art was kind of rough though.

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savage011 responds:

thanks, i love for a few dollars more so much that i couldnt help myself :)

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3.71 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2011
4:59 PM EST