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Defend Tribe

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Author Comments

This is a zombie style shooting game. Your tribe is over ran by monsters. Chose to play the magician, the archer or the gladiator, upgrade to 18 different powerful weapons, and wipe out the monsters.

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This was a very fun game to play. I played through on all three classes, got triple S on all three, but did not manage to beat it with the mage (it seems a little too weak for the final boss, the other two classes can perma-stun and the archer can also knock it way back.)
For your sequel, I highly recommend a mute button be offered, as the drum sounds were cute at first but quickly got annoying. I won't dock you points for it though. All in all, amazing game and I hope to see more from you. I'm hoping for this to get frontpaged for you.

agree with the guy two in front of me

lost the first round because i chose magician, theyre was just no way to keep up with the monsters with that amount of damage

Pretty fun, could use a few tweaks

I enjoy these types of games where you are the one facing the onslaught of crazy ass monsters and use skills and strategy to fend em off. I liked the difference in the classes with their unique active and passive skills. Like you said in a previous comment, the mage is the most powerful and I totally agree to the point of maybe being slightly broken. Did you mean for the mag's first level spell tornado to be generally spammable for a short while after you cast it? If so, it really should be a higher tier or have a longer cooldown. The bowman was a fine middle of the line class, who really excelled after getting more of the skills. The warrior I tried a few times but got defeated =(

Things I would change: First of all, you absolutely should include hotkeys for the skills, the levelups were simple enough to to need a hotkey or pause, really. Maybe give a timer to the individual skills to offer a little bit more strategy for the players. A few mini bosses before ginormo fatty wouldn't go amiss either. Good effort, this game has a strong base and interesting play that brings it above the run-of-the-mill protect the base game. I look forward to the sequel.
7/10 4/5

A few WORTHY updates

I don't really know if you and your collaborators did the game that specific way to make it harder, yet I have a few suggestions:
- Introduce HOTKEYS to use the skills;
- Introduce HOTKEYS to raise attributes;
- Don't let hp bars turn into negative numbers (it looks bad);
- Let a new power refresh an old one, i.e., imagine you use warrior's 2nd skill against an enemy, and it happens that the skill recharged before the stun duration went off; the new stun could keep the old stun for the time being;
Apart from that, pretty good game!

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2011
11:37 AM EST