MegaMan Tribute ep.1

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My first flash movie.

MegaMan Tribute ep.1

This series is not just focused on megaman or megamanX. What the Megaman Tribute series is a story based on all the megaman and megaman x games. This is ep.1 this is a dream that MegamanX is having. I used many images and sounds from almost every megaman game in the series. Remember this is MegamanX's dream, and that he's a robot his dream in different pixels, it's mixed on purpose. Also remember that this series is not a comedy.


Text and Mugshots updated.


It was...

It was Ok. =D


You skipped the levels the fight was 5 seconds long and you took 8 bit wily and 32 bit X in the middle you Used a power fighters sprite and swiched back to X but all of the sudden he had the ultamate armor and immedeately killed wily I mean couldn't you have taken 3 minuites to flip the arms Upside down in MS paint! and why is X fighting wily in the first place?!

isn`t that the ending off of power battles

first of all, you took a great series and turned it into.......CRAP!

dude, megaman is a classic. you can`t ruin something that is amazing. they did that with the gay street fighter movie and mario bros. movie. if you want to make it better, remake it all and make it more like the game, just don`t rip off any storyline. the rest was good, but you shouldn`t have cut out the levels and have a 5 second fight with wily. it usally takes most people a couple of tries, especally in the megaman X series. dude, sigma`s a bitch.


not too good nor bad but... just a little sucky


I'm sorry but this Movie is one of the worst I have ever seen. But i does have some potential just refrain from using unclear backgrounds and mixing bittages. ex putting 16bit X in 8bit Geminiman's stage.

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3.50 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2002
5:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody