MegaMan Tribute ep.1

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My first flash movie.

MegaMan Tribute ep.1

This series is not just focused on megaman or megamanX. What the Megaman Tribute series is a story based on all the megaman and megaman x games. This is ep.1 this is a dream that MegamanX is having. I used many images and sounds from almost every megaman game in the series. Remember this is MegamanX's dream, and that he's a robot his dream in different pixels, it's mixed on purpose. Also remember that this series is not a comedy.


Text and Mugshots updated.


*clap* *clap*

bravo good sir!


Not bad.. but CAPCUM? Was I seeing things right? If this is a Megaman tribute, don't knock the people that made him possible. =( The Megaman 7 Opening Theme is always cool, though, just like most of the music.. Whoever composed the music for the Megaman games is a genius. I'm waiting for the true Megaman 9 to come out... maybe in 2003? 2004? 2010.... =(

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Mini3D responds:

No dude i wasn't knocking at them, i just did that as a joke, because that the whole series is serious i just wanted to add some humor in there some how.

lol pretty good

it wasnt too funny..it was weird..the animations n stuff were kinda good..a bit slow tho..well its alright still not bad

Cool movie!

Haha, Wily should just have Megaman go through the levels like everyone else has to!

it was ok though one problem.....

Ok ok... it pisses me off time to time.. I don't hate ur movie it's ok I like how u did the sprite ripping but ... one up the frame rate to 30fps , #2 IF UR MAKING A MEGAMAN TRIBUTE!! USE MEGAMAN SPRITES!!!! Don't use MegaMan X sprites, X and MegaMan are 2 different persons!! If not u should had call this movie "MegaMan X: tribute" #3 The morphing was ok , but it was way off ... You had Normal SNes 16-bit X , turn into 16-bit MegaMan then to 32-bit X and finally 32-bit Hyper armor X! .....Look learn to sprite edit it's alot better and specially in 30fps it's awesome peeps can't notice that much trust me give it a shot :-P

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3.50 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2002
5:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody