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Operation Triplane Norden

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Try to fly as far as possible and destroy as many enemies as you can in order to earn money and upgrade your triplane. Once upgraded you will be able to fly further and reach the goal of 4,000 miles.

Arrow keys to turn, up to use the throttle, down to do a half roll. Z drops a bomb and X fires your gun. Keep your speed up or you will stall.

you can get rid of the missile:
- tricking it to go in the water
- making a half loop perfectly
- getting it in enemy ships, planes, zeppelins and missile platforms

when you have good control of the plane, you can make a dogfight with the enemy plane, it's really fun.

you can bomb everything with the bomb (Z)

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lame sauce

Everything was terrible about this game except the graphics. how do you honestly think someone will enjoy this game when you can't complete one simple mission. Your historical inaccuracy is the biggest slap in my face in a long time. You need to fix up the controls as well. One star just because the graphics were good.