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-Elevator Glitch
-Final boss doesn't leave screen
-There IS an auto save function, I've made a text to direct you to the save point. When reloading page.
-After defeating the Snow King, if you're stuck after reaching the top, wait on the boat! It will move!

Amea follows the story of a young girl who finds no recollection of her memory. When she awakens in the absence of reality, there before her lies a dark path leading to the answers of her past.

Game type: RPG
Genre: Horror

-Directional keys to move, crouch and jump
-A, S, D are customary, you may select them to become your attack, special, and/or defense.
-Space bar to open inventory
-i for quest log and map
-q to toggle quality
-Game saves automatically.

Created by Godlimations.com
Sponsored by ArmorGames.com


Love it

the game is very well made the graphics are great for a horror game the story is based of your previous works but is still understandable even if you didn't see the whole series

i think that the whole control system for the space should should be different first of space should not be the pause button it's very awkward to use
and the entire menu should be mouse controlled would make it easier to use
and the way you would load the save file was boring it was great to see the first time but after that it was just a pain

overall this is good game with some minor game control issues

Very good game overall

It's pretty addictive, what is obviously good. History is not bad either. The horror atmosphere is well done.
But what I really like of this game is that there a lot of references to the 3x3 eyes manga/anime.
Mish is the demon frog from 3x3 eyes, isn't he? With the long coat, and even the quote "You look so delicious. I can hardly contain my appetite." I think the demon frog actually said that line in the anime.
And the outside of the temple in the game, it is also quite similar to the temple seen in some bits from 3x3 eyes' OVAS.

The author of this game, rocks.

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Awesome! (Caution: spoilers ahead)

Been a fan of godlimations, namely vorago and the trapped series. Amea makes a nice addition as an action-based horror game.

The story is very similar to Silent Hill. You have a self-righteous cult that resides in the "light" within a dark world full of monsters, outcasts such as Mish and Inglor, an old hag (Undrea and some eye monster) that oversees the cult, a secondary protagonist (Garrik) who is killed by the cult, and the main female protagonist who learns that the cult is the enemy and makes an alley with the outcasts.

The story does have some flaws. First, why doesn't zombie Inglor fight the cult's master? He is no longer under the eye monster's control, he commands an undead army, and he can fight (being a zombie with a gun does give him an edge). Inglor could have saved Amea a lot of trouble, including ripping her own eyes out. Second, I just didn't get the Ice King's role as a character, considering that it lives underneath Olwren. Are the Ice King and Olwren somehow related? Finally, who's the knight that blocks Amea's path back to Lockmarne after Amea pays her first visit to Olwren? And why does that knight not show up again later in the game?

The eye monster's voice is corny (to a lesser extent, Mish's voice was also cheesy). It would have better if it didn't talk at all, or if Undrea talked for it.

The controls are a little too responsive in that Amea keeps moving past where I'm trying to go. I noticed that when turning around, Amea not only turns around, she also steps forward. This sounds like a minor control issue until you fight enemies coming from both sides. You attack one enemy, turn around, and you're right on top of the other enemy.

Another control issue are the three spells that you cast. I think they should have been assigned to three keys to save the player from having to navigate the menus to switch spells. Of course, you can assign A, S, and D to spells, but I really prefer to fight with the sword and shield at all times.

Speaking of the menu system, it needs improvement. I hate having to push left and right a bunch of times to get to a certain page. The most successful (keyboard-only) menu systems I've seen allow you to quickly switch pages as well as provide context-based instructions. There's also several slots that stay empty the entire game (maybe Amea 2 will fill in those unused slots?).

And, this game does not offer a way to clear saved data. I have to manually clear out my Flash cache to start over from the beginning. This means deleting saved data from other games.

Even though Amea is not fully polished, it's still clear that a lot of work went into this game. With the atmosphere, story, and general gameplay, I saw no reason to give it less than 10.

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great game

i like horror things but is the inventory soposed to be full at the end (tho i beat the game anyway) and i found a bug when you die at a boss battle and you get revived with the phenix spell the music stops but thats not enough to make me give a 9

Another Solid Game!

I started playing this after I completed your banner sized version which I thoroughly enjoyed (despite being quite easy).

The main game was extremly fun and much like most of your games it has an exceptionally great plot which happens to revolve around both the Zombie Inglor and Erik games as well as the Escape trilogy (hopefully there will be a forth).

The script for what each character says is well above average and of course assigning Edwyn Tiong again was a great idea! I especially liked the Phoenix Wright reference said by Undrea!

The game as a lot of interesting turns and I have to say despite being atheist I always enjoy each one! Keep up the good work Patrick Majewski :-P

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Feb 14, 2011
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