Mercy Choice

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You are the king and placed in a position to commit law. Are you a merciful king or not? There IS a way to spare the citizen's life. Sometimes the answer is the one that's not provided. You always have a choice.



apparently reloading the page spares the citizens life...I was just reloading because I hadn't seen if something came before the option haha but I'll deal with being merciful...

Is it that...

Would I be right in assuming that the way to -not- execute the citizen is to not press any key - as in, "quit the game"?
This reminds me somewhat of "One Chance", in that after you play, you can't replay it without deleting your internet cookies.
I like what you did, but I have to say that it would somehow be a little better if you simply added some sound.. it would add that extra bit of immersion, I think.


So, I accidently hit the space bar, and executed him. When I go back to the flash portal, or refresh the page, it won't restart. It stays red. I like the concept, which is why I gave you a three, but I feel like that glitch should be fixed. Awesome concept though!

Wait so...

"Are you a merciful king or not? ... You always have a choice."

Is the entire game just that one choice or something? And is there only one correct choice? "Or not" kind of made me think it'd be a decision making game with more than one ending.

I decided I'd just kill him the first time and figure out how to spare him on the second go but... I can't. Now every time the game loads it just goes straight to "The citizen has been executed." Not sure if that's a glitch or on purpose.

So I'm not sure what to think really. :(


Especially since it's only text......is there really a way to spare the citizen's life?

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Feb 13, 2011
4:51 PM EST
Adventure - Other