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I wrote this game while travelling in Europe and Central America, and created everything but the music myself. It's not your usual point and shoot zombie game; Rebuild is a thoughtful, wordy game that takes real strategy to win. You need to balance acquiring food, expanding your base, killing zombies and keeping your people happy. Gamers should start on Hard difficulty and expect to lose their first game (it's more fun that way).


Great game, looking forward to a sequel!

For the next game, I'd love to see survivors of the town level up as they run more missions. Experienced soldiers should be more effective in killing zombies, a knowledgeable builder can reclaim grounds a bit faster or more effectively, etc. Maybe also add some element that could result in zombies retaking annexed territories, so that there's always a balance between defending and expanding the town that has to be carefully considered.

This was great, though -- strangely addicting and deceptively simple.

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great game

I like the game as a whole. I did have a few things i thought would have made it better howeve, more things to research taking less time each would have been and interesting addition, the option to build traps on individual blocks of the fort so that more zombies will die if they do take it or it would be easier to take back, and perhaps another profession dedicated to guarding the walls so that you can actually send your soldiers out to kill zombies without having the risk on the fort skyrocketting. Still a great game, just some ideas if you make another one.

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How many endings are there?

This would be better with medals to track all the different endings.

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I agree with devil-trainer

But, this is first game in this title afaik.
From myself i add that there is only 1 music track, for such long game i think there is need 6+ different tracks. But this is my nip-picking. Great game
P.S. hmm.....i guess i need make a non-flash sequel on scirra's construct.

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Fun, but a few improvments needed.

-When you take over an area, both the food AND the survivors should automatically be brought to you. Half the time, I forget that there IS any survivors before I start reclaiming the area, thus losing a couple of possible soldiers or scientists.

-Even if I don't get attacked (no matter what difficulty), all of a sudden, one of my characters is dead from a zombie bite. Wait, what...? Doesn't help matters much that it's generally my last scientist and I'm 1 day from completing a research.

-The fact you can have multiple bars/churches is useless. You only need 1 of each, but the same applies for Hospitals, too. I mean, sure, you can do 2 separate parties (by the way, this nets a total of 30% happiness boost unlike the 2 leader 1 party that just gives 20%). However, half the time, my happiness is like 85% or above, thus not NEEDING the extra bars. However, if I tear them down, the troops gets pissed.

-The instance you obtain a useless building (for example McNoodles) it should be instantly transformed into whatever you currently require the most. For example.
If you don't have a hospital and the closest one is like 5 squares from you and you take over a building that can be transformed into a hospital, some troops should automatically start on working so it'll become one, not let it be random as it is. More often than not, I completely FORGET that I have (for example) a Warehouse that I don't need so my troops just transforms it without my knowledge.

-I have done all 4 endings (Take over entire city, defeat evil portal, cure zombeism and start a new city). Of those, the "entire city" took the longest. Why? Because on ONE SQUARE, there could be (no joke) 300+ zombies. I had literally 80+ soldiers rushing in there and they wiped out like 100-220 or so. The zombies respawns nearly instantly, thus it took me like 50 days to take over ONE square. The hell...

-Putting soldiers on guard duty doesn't seem to do anything. I reduced it from 35% to 1% chance of losing troops, and yet I lost 2 survivors (1 leader and 1 soldier). When I removed a lot of soldiers to kill off a lot of zombies, I had ~53% to die. I didn't lose a single troop and that happened four times in a row.

-Why is that only Leaders seem able to recruit people? Why can't everyone, just with lower odds?

That's the only actual complains I had.

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Feb 12, 2011
9:28 AM EST
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