Captain Planet Rampage

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It's been a rough 15 years for Captain Planet. Watching the world slowly get more and more polluted has taken its toll. No one's really sure how he pays the rent. The Planeteers don't call anymore.

Spanish version of this film: http://bit.ly/sI2B1x


in between

in between


Kind of stupid. Besides, if he killed everyone, he would save the earth. People are going to be the end of mankind :D


animation is ok. voices are very annoying and humor is minimal. it drags on when there's just one joke: cpt planet causes more damage to the environment. it lacks anything to keep me interested and move the story

Global Warming is Fake

The art was really well done (especially CP's crazed look), but the voices and music were awful. Better pacing could have helped push the jokes.

"Good Activity"

This was a bittersweet experience, hence why I had to go half on the score. I mean, what does one say about this? Well...

Animation-wise, it's extremely well designed and in motioned with just the right amount of traditional cartoony characters as well as colorful and detailed backgrounds. Not to mention a surprisingly spooky twist of hellish red whenever Captain Planet enters his more "psychotic" phases. Everything looks as good as it possibly can given this is an amateur animation.

As for the sound, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. Before I get going on the negatives, the more endearing attributes of the sound, that being the clear and easily understandable, must be recognized.

However, clear quality is not always a substitute for really trite dialogue. It just seems like there's so much more that could be expressed given the hilarity of the visuals, but it's just a simple, rather cheesy take on why Captain Planet is admonished. The voice acting was clear, but nothing special, and for lack of knowledge about the creators, it seems like the good captain has taken a trip to Australia given the accents of every character. It just seems kind of pointless.

Like I said, this was a difficult one to review. I love the concept, love the animation, and chuckled at the subject matter, but what I heard was too underwhelming to ignore. 5 out of 10.

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4.44 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2011
4:58 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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