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The Courtship

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Author Comments

Thanks for checking out my game! This is was something I made because I was really bored and wanted to make a platformer with a ton of levels (which turned out to be 80).

I know it's not the most original game in the world but I think it's fun, so thanks for playing!

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Wow that was long.

The game, to me, was somewhat generic. It's a basic platformer with a personal stamp and some nigh hardcore challenge. If it wasn't for my love of torturing myself until I have completed the near impossible I would have stopped about 10 levels in.

I liked the eggbot people. Something sort of... well different. Though this game lacked a difference in any other aspect. Changing a color scheme and making different platform patterns gets one only so are. The game lacked any unique quality to a world with eggbot people in it. There were some random flowers occasionally and moving clouds. As far as the 8-bi feel goes there's little else to consider visually. However, some changing elements would have been nice. Maybe some trees could have been placed here or there. Perhaps a mountain could be seen in the background. Playing with lighting effects is always fun.

My ears are just about shot now having listened to that robotic music drawl on and on. It wasn't so bad for the first few levels, but it should have changed to at least one other song. The constant repeating of the song made me feel as if the game would never end. Again, because of my need for self-torture to complete something, I managed a dull expression of relief. I can take part of the blame on this matter though. I forgot that I could shut the music off.

Gameplay wasn't too bad. This is where most of you score comes from. I think I'm ok not having slippery platforms or several different enemies to encounter because the game is challenging enough. In terms of difficulty I found a decent mix of thought, skill, patience-testing, and sheer dumb luck. I can't say that I enjoyed the levels that were mostly trial-and-error. The one thing I really liked was that the double jump was tested as much as my patience. Sometimes it drove me nuts trying to get on so many platforms and failing to do so as well. Still, the game wasn't so hard that I repeated levels dozens of times either. I will say though, try not to make excruciatingly long levels again. That last one was just annoying.

Oddly enough, that thing I hated most about the game was that the story didn't end. There was a beginning, something of a middle via the gameplay, but no end. Where did it go? What happened? Anything would have been better than nothing.

Just a few things to consider should another project of the like should come along.


Ethan718 responds:

Thanks for all of this feedback! It was very helpful. Added an ending. Sorry you didn't like the music.


I liked it just a bit too repeditive. Great job~!

Cool game!

It's basic and all but it still kicks major butt! I like the style of the art too.

Music got a bit old. Maybe changing it from section to section would have been cool. (every time the color changes i mean)

I'm writing this review even before completing the game since it seems to be pretty long. Figured I'd do it now before I forget.

Fun, frustrating, but unresolved.

Level design was awesome. Kinda glad you didn't have checkpoints or anything. The music was good and didn't really get repetitive. I would have liked to see at least a closing... did the main character get the girl after all that? Or did she just laugh and call him a loser for going through the BS? I finished level 80 and boom, back to the main menu. Woulda been a perfect 10 from me if it had just had an ending.

Ethan718 responds:

Thanks, added an ending!

omg this is an epic game

i mean its worth the time
just look at it
its awesome
and its like endlesssss
super fingers for you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan718 responds:

Thanks so much!

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2011
6:16 PM EST