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Thanks guys for a million views on Dot Dot Dot. I know, most folks are pretty tired of hearing about it. But I figured I had to do something to celebrate :)

However, if you're a fan and you wanna play with some of your favorite phrases and words, go rock out!

*** *** ***
Lol! Thanks so much for the FP, that was certainly unexpected! Don't worry, this was wrap up button for Dot. Someone very appropriately called it "a final bow" ... which is exactly what this was. Thanks again NG :D


I think it's actually needed.

Some people think Dot Dot Dot is being over-exposed. I don't really think that way. I'd like to believe if some works are influenced by Dot Dot Dot, then this fun little soundboard is exactly is what the people needed to keep themselves pacified. I also severely doubt you are getting paid that much, so a simple soundboard is actually quite a good idea. Also, about Animator1mike's "spotlight" comment, I say that you deserve the spotlight you get and for no reason should you ever stop making what you want to make, because you EARNED your spot at the top of Newgrounds.

Nice job!

I had a bit of fun with this. However, there was a certain lack of phrases that were in the actual audio. I noticed this when I tried to reproduce the actual audio. Still, I think this is cool. Maybe you could do a similar project with Ace Attorney voice clips ("Objection!", "Hold it!", "Take that!", "Not so fast!", "Eureka!", "Gotcha!") throughout the series. I'd love to do it myself, but frankly, I lack the know-how, and a Flash maker.

But back on topic, I loved it. But it could have been a bit more complete. Hope to see more from you, in light of the quality of this submission. :)


That was a lot of fun! I like the button system better than using the mouse. perfect way to put a bow on the dot dot dot movie.

u cant....contrail...this...piece of crap....


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RicePirate responds:

Lol, I found some fun combos too

That's enough.

It was funny for a little while, but it has gone too far.

To me, this looks like an effort to get every little ad revenue penny out of this thing you can. You are taking the spotlight away from many other flash artists out there who put more time into their work than you did.

Too much man, too much. Don't take it personally though.

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RicePirate responds:

Ouch! I was probably the first person to say that dot was over exposed.if anything it's cast a shadow on my past and future releases, which I spent and plan to spend more time on. The couple dollars this brings isn't exactly taking advantage of the revenue system. Amd like I said, this is for fans of the project. I felt like some kind of project was due for the million view mark.

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Feb 11, 2011
5:30 PM EST
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