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mach speed 5 Points

achieve mach-speed after 5 turbo boosts

purple hoard 5 Points

collect 5 purple bonus rings

sharp shooter 5 Points

shoot 10 enemy gun towers

hyper speed 10 Points

achieve hyper-speed after 8 turbo boosts

mad multiplier 10 Points

accumulate a x10 score multiplier

low rider 25 Points

stay below the halfway line for 15 seconds at mach speed

fighter ace 50 Points

shoot 10 enemy fighter craft

duck and diver 100 Points

avoid all obstacles for 15 seconds at hyper speed

Author Comments

Avoid obstacles, shoot down enemy threats, and collect bonuses.
green ring = 1,000 points
purple ring = 10,000 points
blue ring = extra shield
green X = nuke everything
purple X = increase score multipler
blue X = ammo refill

Steer and aim with the mouse, shoot with the mouse-button.
Pause with SPACE or ENTER.
Play in full-screen mode for full-effect. You can only pause with SPACE in full-screen mode due to flash-player security restrictions on keyboard input events (and if anyone knows a way around that then I'm all ears).

SEIZURE WARNING: this game contains a lot of colorfull flashes and whatnot - it's quite pretty really, but if you're prone to fits then be advised to procede with caution, (especially in full-screen mode).

BUG FIX: explosions weren't responding to mute!

BUG FIX: low-rider medal wasn't working - more precisely: it was working as "high-rider", (ie you had to stay at the top of the tunnel instead of the bottom!) - I apologise to all the people who complained to me about this one 'cuz I've been a bit slow fixing it, sorry about that.



Simple gameplay that nonetheless permits a frenetic pace that gets the player excited.

Art style is appealingly retro for this wizened old veteran of the arcades (never owned a Vectrix, but a friend did), yet softened and colourful enough to keep the eye engaged.

And the music? Damn, pity it's not something off the Audio Portal here (though I've heard the occasional piece that's right up with this); it's catchy enough that I've got the game paused and the music playing while I write this review. ^_^

You've hit a perfect balance between simplicity that encourages 'approachability' so a player tries out the game and complex elegance that *keeps* a player engaged with it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go see if I can beat my last score...

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This game never gets old.

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wow... just wow.

this game is awesome (I crash whit all the obstacle in the start)VERY AWESONE AND FUNNY(a bit hard)

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super uber great

This game is AWESOME to the MAX. 5/5 10/10

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yea yea yea

awesome game

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2011
11:29 AM EST
Sports - Racing