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Sports - Racing

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Feb 11, 2011 | 11:29 AM EST

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mach speed 5 Points achieve mach-speed after 5 turbo boosts
purple hoard 5 Points collect 5 purple bonus rings
sharp shooter 5 Points shoot 10 enemy gun towers
hyper speed 10 Points achieve hyper-speed after 8 turbo boosts
mad multiplier 10 Points accumulate a x10 score multiplier
low rider 25 Points stay below the halfway line for 15 seconds at mach speed
fighter ace 50 Points shoot 10 enemy fighter craft
duck and diver 100 Points avoid all obstacles for 15 seconds at hyper speed

Author Comments

Avoid obstacles, shoot down enemy threats, and collect bonuses.
green ring = 1,000 points
purple ring = 10,000 points
blue ring = extra shield
green X = nuke everything
purple X = increase score multipler
blue X = ammo refill

Steer and aim with the mouse, shoot with the mouse-button.
Pause with SPACE or ENTER.
Play in full-screen mode for full-effect. You can only pause with SPACE in full-screen mode due to flash-player security restrictions on keyboard input events (and if anyone knows a way around that then I'm all ears).

SEIZURE WARNING: this game contains a lot of colorfull flashes and whatnot - it's quite pretty really, but if you're prone to fits then be advised to procede with caution, (especially in full-screen mode).

BUG FIX: explosions weren't responding to mute!

BUG FIX: low-rider medal wasn't working - more precisely: it was working as "high-rider", (ie you had to stay at the top of the tunnel instead of the bottom!) - I apologise to all the people who complained to me about this one 'cuz I've been a bit slow fixing it, sorry about that.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good fun

Feels kinda like you're doing the 1st Death star attack from Star Wars...but on Ecstasy or something

Vibe13 responds:

thats exactly what I was aiming for - my starting point idea was to do something like the trench sequence from the first Star Wars arcade game and then just ramp up the psychadelic visuals


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good improvements but i want the old music!

Everything is better nao!
Fullscreen was surely necessary and it's perfect.
Only thing: old music was WAY BETTER than this one,sorry.
P.S: Maybe you can give us an option to change music?
I really want the old one,it really effects my mood.

Vibe13 responds:

I prefer the old music too - I just didn't want to repeat myself, If I included more music the SWF size would massively increase, (it's nearly all music already).


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bull crap. complete bullcrap

It's fun and all. but dude. come on, you call this game a shooter? SO LET US SHOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

You BARELY gave "blue X = ammo refill" bull crap man.

I want to shoot and spray a little here, and spray a little there.
But come on dude, I even TRIED TO CONSERVE MY BULLETS, but those stupid ammo refills never showed up.

Is this a shooter? Or is this a strategy game?

Dont make me go bulletless. Otherwise this is JUST LIKE Vector Rush.

Now I aske my self, "Hmm it's pretty fun, but should I play again?"

I kinda quickly answer "NO!" Why? Because i have no bullets, i might as well play vector rush.

What about some code that says, "if ammo = 0 then give ammo refill in 1-5 seconds"

Why is there even ammo?

So there is such thing as a target passess you by? Did you want your gamers to miss out on shooting becuase

A) No bullets


B) They need to improve their skills because their aiming was a bit off.

It sucks, not in a fun way, but in a stupid imbalanced way, that I can't shoot a target because I was not provide with bullets.

and if you wanted to make it so that users cannot spray bullets and it would be too easy to hit targets, then add more targets.

I'd rather spend 90% of the time shooting and missing some targets becuase there were "too many" /" i need to practice my skills,"

than spend 90% of my time wishing I had bullets to shoot targets.

I gotta go.

But look props man. I love your first one. And you still did a good job on this. like, I wish i made this game, Lol. but yo, take what I said with love.


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Vibe13 responds:

I know what you mean about the frustration of wanting more ammo when no refills turn up so I'll definitely include your "if ammo==0 then more ammo in 1-5 seconds" code suggestion in future versions.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Sorry... I spaced out there for a second... Those colours are enough to completely phaze me out... If only fullscreen mode was higher resolution, it would be absolutely incredible. If you could release a downloadable EXE version of this, I would play it for hours. This gets my 5...

Vibe13 responds:

high-res ful-screen mode would have been nice. I only just learned how to do full-screen stuff for this game so I did it in the simplest way possible.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


would be nice if it loaded for me. must be my computer :)