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This is a completely unscripted, completely random typography animation. Enjoy!


Very nice work

Though, it's not as great as some typography animations out there, you did a pretty damn good job with it.

I'm impressed, and if you learn how to make stuff like dotdotdot (the animation.) you will go really far in typography.


oh fk was so funny, its simple as shit and fuck thats the kind of talking i have with my freins, so fkking random and shit

That's the joke

Stop restating that it's a parody.

Suggestions Longer, Funnier and Harder.

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SpykeAnimations responds:

Longer: OK, simple
Funnier: Believe me, the conversations me and Tall Cheese have are usually much more random
Harder: I don't understand, what?

Ugh. Dot Dot Dot anyone?

Why did I get the giant feeling that you made this only because Dot Dot Dot was so successfull? I hope you were truely making this out of pure wanting to do this rather than hoping to get a slice of the (wrongly directed) fame that Dot Dot Dot. Really.

SpykeAnimations responds:

I was inspired by Dot Dot Dot, but this is no way based on, nor is it a parody of, Dot Dot Dot. I've wanted to try a typography for ages, so I did.

Not really funny...

I understand "improv" but honestly it wasn't that funny or interesting for that matter. I mean you can tell that your flash was influenced by "Dot, Dot, Dot" which was neat to see, but the aspect that made that flash such a hit was that it was a really funny satire of someone's comment. In your case the animation was good and so was the ways you organized the text, but the improv topic wasn't funny or something that makes you want to keep watching. It would have been better if you just had a more interesting improv topic that would add something to the flash, because this was just boring..

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Feb 10, 2011
10:44 AM EST