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Puny Humans Must Die

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The human species continues to be a danger to the entire galaxy: their mother planet 'Earth' must be destroyed before they can spread. Take on the role of ultimate space invader in this arcade strategy game - select your invasion force, equip your fleet with power ups and then command their assault on Earth. Lay waste to their defences and then obliterate all cities! Blast your way to total planetary domination! The galaxy is counting on you!

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Not bad for a short game

The best thing about this was how you were able to attack using the same ship while it was still onscreen. Another cool thing was how you the stronger ships were only half destroyed when they were hit. While the blocks aren't attacking you, you have to get rid of them. You would think the ships would simply fly out of the way. It was also confusing to find out the buildings were still up after destroying most of them on fire. The graphics could have been better, but they were overall decent.

The game needs improvement in that it could be a bit more flashy. The ships and enemies could have some better design. The ships looked kind of alien for being made by humans. It was interesting to reverse the role where you were the enemy this time. The funniest design was the orange one because it looked like he had a nose.


The idea is good, but the execution could be better.

I very much like the idea of reverse Space Invaders, but it's nearly impossible to control your ships accurately. The clicking and commanding is way too clunky to make any sort of tactical decisions.

I'd suggest a remake.

Not bad a bit boring

The idea is nice but its a bit slow, i dont know if its stolen but its ok.

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4.40 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2011
4:21 AM EST