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Vince and Cecily

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Vince and Cecily are a loving couple with anger issues.


This is my second animation and I encountered several technical problems with flash such as file save corruption and random crashes. Luckily the movie turned out fine and I am happy. :)

Khanh Pham

I also posted this on youtube on http://www.youtube.com/us er/khanhcpham


I notice some people experienced laggy playback. I guess youtube is the best option to view this :(

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This is the result of using only TF2 sounds in a animation.

very nice animation but some kind of tune would have been much better


why didnt the buy more cookies?

I'm assuming it's good, but would not play.

Based on everyone else's reviews, I'm giving it high ratings, but it wouldn't play for me. I'm only mentioning it b/c you mentioned having tech issues making it. I dunno' if that's related to why it wouldn't play or not, but it crashed my flash session (I had to reload the frame & then close the window real quick to be able to make the browser work again). I'm using Chrome (latest stable release) on Kubuntu 10.10 (a linux platform).

I'm only putting this here in case you're interested in tech issues, not to gripe. I'll probably be able to watch this for real in Windows later on. If you're not interested in the tech details, then never mind & just disregard this. In any case, keep 'em coming! :-)

KhanhCPham responds:

thanks you for the review because I feel it is important for everyone to watch my movie without any mishap. I will be extra careful when I make my next project and make sure every scene is playable on all computers. I did posted the movie on youtube for people that cannot watch on newgrounds.

I thought it was going to end differently =)

You did good with this, and with panning the audio with the action on screen.

If you had made the ending where the pig becomes fried bacon, and they both shared eating it, it would have made it even better.

You know, so a positive message could get out like "bacon brings people together, unlike cookies." ;)