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Author Comments

You are a lonely bacteria that is trying to survive. To do so, you will have to eat critters smaller than you while avoiding to be eaten by bigger creeps. Keep an eye out on your progress bar because you will need to fill it up in order to progress to the following level.

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That just sounds like agair.io but with extra steps

I liked it a lot. The Fishy influence was strong here, but this game is a hell of a lot faster than Fishy! I liked that there were different movement patterns - the green viruses moved randomly like the worms, but the pink blobs actively chased or ran from the player (luring them away from green viruses was thrilling), the larger teardrops moved sporadically, and the evil amoeba had gravity wells. This made the environment much more adaptive and dynamic than the original game.

My only real issue was that the difficulty was fucking intense. I had a larger creature spawn right in front of me multiple times, which really sucked. It felt as if there was a minimum distance the organisms had to be from the player in order to spawn, but that distance should have been extended in the direction that the player was moving. It would have also been cool if you could observe larger creatures consuming smaller ones, similar to flOw. I also hated that the gigantic pentagons did literally nothing but move around very, very slowly. In the end they killed me because they blocked off about 70% of the screen and I began taking risks to rush out and grab food because I was bored. A very anti-climactic end-game. Surely there must be more ways tricks that the enemy organisms can have - projectile attacks, eating other critters, merging with their own kind, working together to surround the player, leaving trails of acidic slime?

I would have liked to see the player's rotation change to fit the direction it was moving in, because as-is it appears as if the player is just sliding. This game could also benefit from more attractive buttons and animated backgrounds instead of imported photos.

Very fun game but it seems almost as if you planned for players not to be able to make it to the end. My final score was 12090 and I feel like I would try again if I thought there was more to the game than there is now.

I say you should probably nerf the speed of larger organisms and add some customization like you would see in spore at the beginning stage. Otherwise i like it and other games like this with a possible checkpoint system or more levels so i suggest that you do add more and do some nerfing.

Sorry, not good at all .

Honestly, I would give it a 0 but I didn't want to be an assh*le.
-The game is not at all original. Even if you compare it to other games of its kind, there is not 1 original idea.
-The way the bacteria and microorganisms or whatever move is cool, which is pretty much the only thing I gave you points for. The music wasn't bad either :D
-The difference between sizes is really hard to tell, at least in the beginning, so you have to always keep the order of appearance on your mind to not get eaten by accident.
-The background is simply terrible and the good animations of the microorganisms only emphasize that.
-Instead of making the microorganism grow just a little bit with everything it eats, you made it so that you suddenly get bigger after a certain number of eaten microorganisms, which is, in my opinion, nothing but laziness.
-Almost everything in the game(including the buttons) shows you just couldn't be bothered to make it better. As the one playing it, I don't expect perfection, I want to feel like the creator cares if people like what he made, which you obviously didn't.

I know its a bit of a rant, and I know it sounds like I'm hating or trolling but I really am not. I just kinda got annoyed that the game screams 'I don't give a crap if you like it or not.' Sorry.

ugotgames responds:

Thanks for your feedback. We're definitely going to try and make a lot of improvements for version 2. This was more of quick demo. We do appreciate all the comments, and we agree that we kinda missed out on adding a lot of features, and should have waited to release.

Love it, reminds me of Fishy

Remember the old Fishy game? This game is a lot like it, but I love them both. Very simple and straight forward, yet challenging as you get grow bigger.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2011
9:32 AM EST