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A nearby galaxy is invaded by a mysterious ship dropping thousands of metal squares and robots. Little by little the metal squares are forming cubes, covering all planets. Cube Droid, a retired military robot that was left on a forgotten planetoid wakes up and embarks on a mission to remove the batteries that hold the cubes together and Save the Galaxy.

Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy is a block pushing puzzle in the spirit of the old Adventures of Lolo series on the NES ( for those of you that remember ). The first couple of levels will introduce you to the basic game play and enemies and from there on the puzzles get more and more difficult and hopefully will make you scratch your head a couple of times. When you really get stuck, press the "need a hint?" button in the game menu to jump to the walk-through videos we prepared.

Progress is saved automatically and you have unlimited lives, so the only challenge lies in the puzzles ahead. Have fun!


Good puzzle game.

This is well made. It's just hard enough to present a challenge without being too difficult and it has a good learning curve. Nice job.

Great graphics!

I was really impressed by this game with how good it looked, especially the transition scenes to the next levels! It's a little hard to look at, because it seems like it is not taken from an aerial view at first. It was still great to play and also worked well as a puzzle game. The hardest thing was the sixth level when you had to make sure the blue crates touched each other at exactly the right time. On one level, I was able to get away from the blasts but was hit by something else. On my next try, I couldn't do that.

Anyway, this had great music and its story vaguely reminded me of the film "Wall-E", one of my favorite movies. There is just so much creativity put into this! I love how every single tile seems to have its own unique design and function. You guys deserve to have this many views. I love how the worlds are presented by those scenes of the spheres being covered by tiles.


This reminded me of Lolo after the second stage. Interesting game


........juice spilled


reminded me of 'Adventures of Lolo', on NES.

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4.19 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2011
4:35 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle