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Plumet 2

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Bear unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Bear character

Chicken unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Chicken character

Cloaked man unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Cloaked man character

Dinosaur unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Dinosaur character

Fancyman unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Fancyman character

Hazmat unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Hazmat character

Knight unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Knight character

Ninja unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Ninja character

Pirate unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Pirate character

Pumpkinman unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Pumpkinman character

Purple fancyman unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Purple fancyman character

Rabbit unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Rabbit character

Robot unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Robot character

Santa unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Santa character

Skeleton unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Skeleton character

Soldier unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Soldier character

Streaker unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Streaker character

Yellowman unlocked 5 Points

Unlocked the Yellowman character

A rock could fall further 10 Points

Fall 100 Metres

Good fall 10 Points

Fall 600 metres

Not bad 10 Points

Fall 400 metres

Super fall 10 Points

Fall 800 metres

Falling master 25 Points

Fall 1000 metres

Plumet king 25 Points

Fall 1200 metres

Author Comments

http://itunes.apple.com/u s/app/plumet-2/id45217819 4?ls=1&mt=8 (Remove spaces)

The sequel to the first Plumet game.

Now with 20 different characters to unlock and a High score table to compete for the best score.

Plus a new Race game mode where you are competing against an opponent (human or computer) to fall faster than them and get them splattered.

[LEFT] and [RIGHT] to move
[UP] to jump
[DOWN] to roll

---- New in v1.2.1 - Medals now pop up from the top of the screen.

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Eventhough the concept is nothing new, it is done very well in this game and I haven't encountered any bugs. The two player mode is also great if you want to play a quick local round and have some lighthearted fun.

My only complaints about this game are the rather boring customizations. There are a lot of different characters, but when playing none of them really stand out, besides the pirate you get early on. He at least has a little parrot that follows you for a while. When playing the other characters, they are kinda only different colors, no new animations or any kind of gimmicks that could fresh up the game.

Some ideas that I think would fit are like some kind of trail that showed your pathing, maybe instead of rolling you get a little teleport animation (keeping the same distance though) or maybe even give the player a basic blob that has no animations (for the ultimate highscore efficiency playing)

I also wish you could exit one side and come out the other for even more complex or efficient pathing, but overall pretty enjoyable =)

cool i like it

Interesting twist on the platform games, nicely done!


Love the game, simple yet enjoyable, the soundtrack really gets me, and the customization allows me to feel like it's my own character.

i got 1032 metres on the first try. needless to say, this is exactly my kind of game. this is a really good game.

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2011
12:59 AM EST

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