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Shadow Rising: Ch. I

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After two years away from Flash, this is my returning effort. And in my opinion, it's my best yet by a country mile.

A lot's happened over the past two years. I've grown up in many ways. I know now that there is no point making Flash content for the sake of awards and recognition (take a look at my submissions and you'll see that really didn't work out); it should be about enjoying the creation and the satisfaction of the end product. This means I won't be churning out half-baked submissions with sketchy tweens and crude bitmaps. If I see a problem, I'll fix it, even if it means dumping and rebuilding part of my library. This actually happened twice while making this.

The actual idea of a dark, serious Mario movie was inspired by the efforts of D-Sun, Alvin-Earthworm, Psycosis, VGDC etc. The actual idea of using Shadow Mario as a villain has been in my head for years; you may remember the (awful) Mario vs. Shadow Mario that I released in 2007. I've since developed this idea into an effort with a proper story, and I hope this is something you'll enjoy; it's certainly been a lot of fun to make, through hard times and, er, harder times...

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. Kudos if you actually read this far.
Enjoy the movie!

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Pretty epic stuff but needed some backstory to keep the viewer entertained but good sprite skills nonetheless


good, smooth, I really enjoyed it. Epics,
Can't wait for the next ep.

Nice work!

I still don't understand how some ppl can do flash just to become famous...

Very good flash, i liked it.

not bad

i typically don't like sprite-based flash movies. they are either just fight sequences with no substance or originality or lazy parodies, but it seems like you at least spent a great deal of time organizing and crafting a story here. it was fairly slow moving and not all that much happened. I feel like it would have been better to leave the backstory about Shadow and the Erebus Machine until a later episode further into the series so that there would be some mystery to keep the viewer interested. i feel like this is just the setup for episode 2 instead of an episode in its own right. also, there were a couple of spelling errors. "civilisation" and "mobilise" should be civilization and mobilize. These are the ones I caught, there could be more. In any case, keep up the good work and hope to see an even more robust 2nd ep.

R3DPhoenix responds:

Actually, in England, we spell them with an 's'. Sorry for the confusion.

Kick Ass

I usually hate these types of animations, but this one is really good. I enjoyed the plot. It was very entertaining!